Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Ice Skating at Home

When one is so desperate to break in the new skates and doesn't want to risk being crippled during class with new skates.
Once a day, at least 30 mins each time.


Mummy Lim

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Ice Skating 93: New Skates

Some weeks ago, Lil Shauna complained that her little toes were hurting. It basically means that we would need to change her skates soon. Her current pair is probably about $300 but had lasted her for about 1.5 year. I had expected it to be soon. Her new pair would definitely cost more as she progresses. I was actually more worried about the running in period. She took more than 2 months for her current pair and it was a nightmare with the constant complain of pain and numbness. Her current pain is so comfortable now and she can wear them for hours.

Coach S was recommending either Jackson or Edea skates. She said that there isn't much difference but Edea skates are easier to run in. Lil Shauna is using Jackson now. After checking with the experienced mummies, we decided to continue with Jackson, which is likely to provide more support. We placed an order a few weeks back and finally collected them yday. Her new skates were almost $500. Woohoo!

Lil Shauna wore her old skates for practice. There is no way she could go for her class in her new skates. When she headed to the 1/3 Ice, she was happily chatting with A.

All the while, I was busy lacing her new skates. The leather is so tough! I had a hard time lacing her skates and I wonder how much it would hurt to wear them.

Class was some footwork following by the various jumps and spins. I was thinking what Coach Raymond was trying to teach her.

At the end of the class, Coach Raymond said that we should be able to decide by next month if we are to go for freestyle 3 or 4 during the competition. Ahhh.. Lil Shauna competed in freestyle 2 last December. Freestyle 3 would encompass toe loop, salchow jump, forward-backward-forward spin and 1 backward spiral. Freestyle 4 includes loop, half loop, flip jump, sit spin and both legs backward spiral. Lil Shauna still have problem with backward spin, sit spin and flip jump. I would think that we probably compete in freestyle 3.

Lil Shauna was made to go back to the rink after class, she needed to try out her new skates! The blades are partially mounted and she has to make sure that the alignment is ok before the blades can be permanently mounted.

I expected her to whine in pain and told her to stay on ice for at least 15 mins. She was already whiny when I was putting on her skates. Lol. It was an antagonizing 15 mins. She looked like she was a beginner when she stepped on the ice and she couldn't wait to get off. She said that it was so painful at the end of the 15 mins.

We had the blades permanently mounted and collected them this afternoon. Lil Shauna practiced in her old skates for 45 mins and then changed into her new ones for another 45 mins. She could do most of the stuff though at a lower intensity. At the end, she was limping off the ice. Lol. It was so painful! She had red patches on various parts of her feet. I think we need to wear them and walk around the house to help with the running in. Hopefully, she would be comfortable to wear them for the December competition. Yeah!

Mummy Lim

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Hort Park and Southern Ridges

Bcos our weekend mornings are packed with lessons, I drooled at the idea of a morning hike on the National Day morning. Among the hikes/ trails that we had done, the treetop walk is my favourite so far. I would go back anytime but Daddy Lim wanted to explore something new.

After some Mr Google, Daddy Lim suggested the Hort Park and the Southern Ridges. There is even a brochure on it.
It says that it is a 3 to 5 hours walk of about 10km, starting from Haborfront and ending at Kent Ridge. We weren't sure if the kids could take such a long trail but it would be a good training for the future hikes overseas. Moreover, this is Singapore, I was sure that if the little legs couldn't move anymore, we could find an Uber somewhere.

We met Aunty H and the 2 kids at 8.15am to start the trail. Of course a we-fie to mark the start.
The trail started with a long flight of stairs to Mount Faber. I was surprised at how popular the trail was. It was crowded! The climb wasn't so bad except for Pop with her little tiny legs. When she was almost at the top, she was wailing and pleading to sit in her stroller. Fortunately, while crying, she understood that she didnt have much of a choice and was climbing at the same time. It was actually a very cute sight. Lol.

It was great view at the top. A short walk led us to the Faber Peak.

I have never been to the top of Mount Faber and though the view on top was fabulous, the "Mount" was so much shorter than I imagined it to be. Cable car!

Guessed what? We saw cabs at Mount Faber and also car parks. If we had parked at Mount Faber, it would have spared us the climb. Haha.

More cable car!

Finally, the kids were willing to move on. Aunty H told them that there would be a playground at the end and that was what the kids were keeping their eyes on.

What greeted us next were the waves. It was a huge length of overhead bridges with wave lookalike structure. I was awed by the view.
The kids were more interested about climbing the wave structure.

They were rushed to move on or we would probably never reach the end.

We came to an exercise corner and the kids insisted on a workout.

Next was a series of "treetop walks". It was beautiful.

Ever since the climb to Mount Faber, it had been largely a descend. I couldn't help but wonder how bad it would be on the return trip.

The kids were asking about the playground the whole way; that was what kept them moving. We finally found a playground in the Hort Park. It was like finding gold for the kids even though it was a mini playground.
While the kids were happily playing in the playground, the adults were deciding if we should go find a nearby lunch place and take taxi back to the car or walk back to the start point. Seriously, it wasn't that bad. Accordingly to me beloved fitbit, it was nowhere near the 10km mark.

The final choice... We walked back. The kids were voting for Uber. Lol. They were eventually willing to walk back at the promise that we would go to Aunty H's place after that. So easy to bluff.

The walk back was much easier and seems shorter probably bcos we were all very focus on completing the return trip. There was barely much distractions.

Finally, after almost 4 hours, we completed our walk to Hort Park and back. A victory picture!
Overall, it was a great walk. The weather had been fabulous too. It was cloudy and drizzling at times but that would be much preferred than the hot burning sun. I still think that the kids had more things to see at the treetop walk. However, this was definitely easier.

Mummy Lim

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Finished my Reads

Do I like to read? Well, I do like to pick up a novel sometimes but life generally gets a little too busy to make time for reading.

Last year, I was inspired by the need to have to read widely and started my resolution of doing 6 books per year. Of course I am referring to non-friction books. Since then, I have set aside time to read and have completed 10 titles, some really good ones and of course lousy picks that I don't remember much at all. 

I do miss the novels; those are usually so much easier to digest than the heavy stuff. Lil Shauna mentioned that she wanted to start on the Harry Potter series and I got excited too. We could share those. Hehe. We almost got them a couple of times only to back out the last minute. She always ended up buying the easier reads. Well, I would too if I were 9. 

Yday, we were at the Chan's place. Unlike us who prefers to visit the library to avoid cluttering the house with books, they prided themselves over bookshelves of books. One of my reads - the 7 habits of effective people, was from their "library". While the kids were happily self entertained, I was browsing for another good book but didn't find one that I heart until I went to the recently added "kids section" in Boo's room. I found Book 1 (Socerer's Stone) of the 7 Harry Potter books! I decided to loan it for Lil Shauna to try before we decide to spend money on the rest. 

Aunty H was nice and encouraged me to start reading since the kids are so independent now. Oh boy, I was hooked!

I have definitely watched the movie but it had been a long time ago and I don't remember how it ended. The book was a great refresher and I actually LOL at times. It was nicely written indeed. The book rarely left my hand. I was more than halfway through by the time we left Aunty H's place and I had to complete it back home. Of course I did and I was so glad to be reminded of how the movie ended. Now, I couldn't wait to get Lil Shauna onto the wagon and my hands on book 2.

This morning, I also finished the read that I had been doing for almost the last 2 months - the Upstarts, which is on Airbnb and Uber. My takeback? You need an unconventional idea to a big problem (disruptions) plus very persistent and clever leaders. Haha. On my way to the 5th book of the year.

Mummy Lim

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Battle with the Monster

It was a Monday morning and we were later than usual bcos... it was a Monday morning. Haha.

I was at the table, rushing the kids to finish their bfast. Daddy Lim was in the toilet, unblocking his system before he starts his day. Just then, there was this huge something that looks like a bee. It flew in from the balcony and into the living room. The something was hovering around the ceiling light, behind the kids' back.

My panic button was hit but the kids couldn't care more and was happily eating their bfast. I was warning the kids about the bee lookalike while slowly retreating into the kitchen; nobody cares much about me despite my repeated pleads for the kids to join me in the kitchen hideout.

The flying something started flying around the living room. I started to yell for the kids to join me in the kitchen. My fear definitely penetrated into them bcos they were soon scrambling to join me in the kitchen.

Behind the safety of the kitchen glass door, we saw that flying something dancing from light to light, happily exploring the living room. The poor us were huddling in the tiny kitchen. Then brave Lil Shauna suggested that she would leave the safety of the kitchen to go switch off the light. She did just that and ran back to huddle with us in the kitchen.  It was pitch black in the living room and we couldn't see if that flying something was still there.

We stood in the kitchen for a good while until Daddy Lim was done and exiting the toilet. We too decided to get out of the safety zone and out of the house for school and work. That thing must really like the light bcos when I was leaving the kitchen, it flew right beside me into the brightly lit kitchen! Bloody hell!

Though my knee buckled, I had the decency to shut the glass door behind me. We then see the thing fly into the glass door a few things trying to get out. Ahhhhhhh!

Behind the safety of the glass door, we were trying to determine what the insect was. I thought it looked like a big black bee. Daddy Lim said that bees are with yellow stripes and furry and cute, thus that cannot be a bee. He said that it must be a hornet or wasp!

We were trying to decide if we should kill it with insecticide only to realise that the ONLY insecticide was inside the storeroom, accessible through the kitchen! Boo! Note to myself that we need more than 1 can of insecticide at home and stored at different location.

Without the insecticide, we thought we should at least cover the Monster with something so that poor Popo wouldn't need to battle with it later in the morning. I found a transparent container and the Monster was stationary on the floor; our perfect chance. Just as Daddy Lim opened the door, it started flying and I saw Daddy Lim threw the container at it and quickly shut the door.

After the entire commotion, it was still flying everywhere in the kitchen while the container lays dead on the floor. Lol. At least we were still separated by the glass door. The noise did wake Popo up and we did at least warn her of the danger. She simply said that it would fly out from the window later. Ok lor.

In the car, we were still googling and checking if it was a bee, hornet or wasp. We didn't have the answer bcos it doesn't look like any of them. Anyway, Popo said that it was gone by the time she woke up. Chey. We were busied over nothing and were almost late for school and work. Lol.

Mummy Lim

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Last Junior NBA Session

It had been 6 weeks and we have come to the end of the Jnr NBA sessions. This time, Lil Shauna and I tagged along to see how it was like.

Zaky knew exactly what to do upon arrival.
After registration, he was soon in the waiting area with the rest. There were so many kids.
The session commenced with warm up and it was obvious that the boy was disinterested, barely going through the motion. I bet he thinks that the warming up was lame, like how I felt during Zumba classes. Lol.

Then, they broke out into their groups and started their drill. Accordingly to Daddy Lim, there were minor changes to some sets from week to week but mostly the same.

While waiting, we self entertained.

Daddy Lim pointed out a girl who was very talented and I couldn't agree more. She must be the best among all the running amok kids. Not only was her ball handing very steady, her footwork was fantastic too. I will be damn proud if that was my daughter.

The last 5 mins of the session asked for parents' participation and it was finally my turn to accompany the boy. It was a simple rolling ball drill.
That marks the end of the 6-week lessons. We read that there are some other basketball classes coming up in some of the sports hall. However, for 7 YO, it would be similar ball familiarisation exercises. Zaky was totally uninterested. Lol. He still thinks that he is too good for the basics. Zzzzz. He totally disagreed when I told him about that super talented girl, which he totally wasn't aware of and doesn't acknowledge.

He had fun though and was looking forward to his basketball classes every Sunday.

Mummy Lim

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Ice Skating 92

We were hoping that we would see E on the ice yday and we did! However the magic was gone bcos E was busy chatting with the other girls too. Apparently, Lil Shauna needs friends who only have eyes for her. Lol. They did mingle more when they switched to the 1/3 ice.

Lil Shauna was aware of what she had to practice before lesson. She said that she spun until she was dizzy. Her scratch spins are moody, sometimes good, sometimes not. Her sit spin is far from ok.

The lesson yday was uneventful. It was the usual footwork before Coach Raymond worked on her jumps. She was taught to do a loop jump after landing a jump. It was tough; she was merely hopping at the end bcos she said that particular leg was so tired.

I didn't pressure her to practice after lesson; she deserves a break. Coach Raymond told us that there is Skate Bangkok and Skate Shenzhen coming up in December. Lil Shauna has already indicated her interest. What is more interesting is that she willingly told Coach Raymond that she wanted to go to the competition. She had to whisper into his ear, so funny.

Mummy Lim

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Off Ice Buddies

Lil Shauna has an hour of off ice practice on Sunday afternoons. She has a group that she trains with. The group number differs depending on who are available but there are usually 3 of them and sometimes 4. At times when there were only 2, I asked Coach Raymond to cancel the training bcos it is way too hard and too few to share the pain. Haha.

They will start with warming up before training on their core. They will do push ups, crunches, plank and a series of tiring exercises before moving on to the different jumps. It will be easier to execute those jumps if they can perfect the move off the ice. Apparently, that little leg raise, arm angle will affect how many rounds they can rotate in the air.

It is hard work and Lil Shauna, being the weakest link, often sweat buckets. But she is so resilient and not giving up. Though slowly, she is surely improving.

Last Sunday, there were 4 of them. Amidst the hard work, they joked and laughed, so that the training is less painful.

Mummy Lim

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Skate Park

After Zaky saw the pump track, he had been asking to go to a skate park. He was so persistent that we just had to bring him so as to earn some peace for our ears.

We had been passing by the skate park in JW. Daddy Lim said that it is lousy but I was convinced that it would be good enough to entertain the boy. I didn't want to travel all the way to town for a skate park.

Lil Shauna wasn't keen and asked to go window shopping at JP instead. Daddy Lim and I were secretly fighting to accompany Lil Shauna. Lol. Eventually, I took the boy to the skate park; I haven't been spending much quality time with him as well.

There was a group of Malay boys with their scooter when we arrived. Zaky tried the mini slope and commented how scary it was.

Zaky only dare to go down the smallest slope. The rest of the time, he was sliding down the slope by sitting on his skateboard.
He did try to go down the bigger slope after that, provided that I hold his hand. Lol. I was worried that my bag would get stolen and ended up carrying my bag around.

Shame on me bcos the boys were totally trustworthy. At one point, I dropped my phone without realising bcos I was too occupied with running with Zaky. One of the boys picked up my brand new phone and returned it to me.

Zaky did get bored after a while and was going backwards sitting on his board. His back knocked onto the ramp and he came crying. That puts an end to the skate park.
I think he still did enjoy himself.

Mummy Lim

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Ice Skating 91

Before I start, I had to share this picture that FB reminded me.
This was just 3 years ago when Daddy Lim and Lil Shauna took part in the 1st (and only 1 so far) parent and child run. It was just 3 years back but the girl looked so tiny beside Daddy Lim then; she looked like a baby! Those were her only pair of shorts then and they were definitely pink.

Fast forward 3 years later. Hohoho.
Back to ice skating.
Lil Shauna asked to go to the rink earlier this morning bcos she wanted to skate with her "new" friend - E. Did we? It was already 11am by the time we slow mo and got out of the house. We had to take the MRT to Jcube bcos we 摸 too much and Daddy Lim had to rush off with the boy to his sparring class. Then, E didn't come to the rink today. I have asked Lil Shauna to ask for her number the next time we see her.

Lil Shauna did the usual warm up before concentrating on her spins. Her scratch spins are so much better than during the competition. It is not that she has improved; she just found them back automatically. Yes, such things will only happen BEFORE and AFTER the competition. We tried her sit spins and back spins too. CMI. She whined when I asked her to practice and I told her that Coach Raymond will probably work on her spins during class. I was absolutely right. Hohoho.

Today's lesson was on footwork before Coach Raymond made her spin endlessly; from one type of spin to another. She didn't achieve her sit spin still. Coach Raymond asked her to hold her free foot during sit spin and she couldn't find it. Lol. Then it was the forward to backward to forward spin. She needed to work so much more on her back spin. By the end of the lesson, she complained that she was so dizzy. I would have puked on the ice if I had been the one spinning.

We stayed on the ice a little bit more after ice resurfacing. Again, she spun and she worked hard on it. She needed to find that "something" that would make her sit spins and backward spins worked. Don't ask me what is the "something"; she has to figure it out herself just like how she did it for her scratch spin.

It wasn't too bad except that she didn't see her "friend" today.

Mummy Lim