Monday, May 22, 2017

Red Tip Grading Test

It is always a breeze when Daddy Lim can ferry us around. We arrived 30 mins earlier but many of the red tips were already dressed and practising their pattern in prep of their impending grading test.

We rushed and got dressed. Oh gosh, I hate the mini toilet cubicles at the Bukit Timah Plaza; you have to move to stand SIDEWAY BESIDE the toilet bowl in order to open the pathetic cubicle toilet door. Arrgghhhh. Zaky was quickly geared too; he hated his protective gears as much as I hated the toilet cubicle door. Lol. They are truly uncomfortable and you can see the kids all tugging at their groin gear in particular. Not a pleasant sight. Lol.

The Masters made the kids practice their patterns 2x before they headed to the waiting area.

Zaky practiced hard. Maybe a little too hard. He slipped and fell 2x when he was practicing his side kick followed by his back hook kick. I am not sure if it was bcos of slipperly floor. Luckily he wasn't hurt but I was so worried that it would affect his confidence and the grading test.

I was more anxious than him while watching him do his grading test through the telecast screen. He did fine and remembered all his steps and didn't fall for the kicks. The sparring, which still resembles little bunnies hopping around went fine too. He was so happy, proud and confident when he exited the grading hall.

I have to praise the school's efficiency. Maybe it is easier with kids of the higher grade belt, where they are older, more experience and lesser in number. The practice and grading test were all completed within 15 mins from the time Zaky was fully dressed and geared. There wasn't at all any unnecessary waiting.

On the way out, the kids spotted a mini trampoline and pleaded to have 10 mins of fun.

Yeah, one more grading test down and results in 2 weeks.

Mummy Lim

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Ice Skating 84: Improving her Spins

This week, we headed to the library 1st bcos we didn't want to be early. The ice is getting so crowded. Even the 2nd time slot is crowded. Is is bcos the school holiday is coming?

Lil Shauna tried warming up in the public ice and she couldn't wait to go on the 1/3 ice. I was eager for her to practice her sit spin. I was so excited that she could suddenly go down lower last week and was afraid that she would lose her magic. She didn't! Yeah!

We expected Teacher Raymond to work on her spins and we were right. It was sit spin time. This week, Teacher Raymond corrected her posture, reminding her to keep her hands and back straight plus to keep her legs closed. Her spins were instantly better. That is the thing with ice skating, that little tweak can do such wonders.

I love to see how she enters her spin.

Teacher Raymond had to work hard too. She was made to spin and spin and spin again. Spinning is hard work; I think I would have vomited on the spot.
We hit the ice again this afternoon. Lil Shauna worked hard on her scatch and sit spins. While watching the more expert spinners (sound like fidget spinners), we figured out that she can spin faster if she changes posture rapidly and hold the new posture. It worked!

After enough scatch spin practice, we proceeded on to her sit spins. She did remember what Teacher Raymond taught her the day before and was able to do some sit spins that were almost low enough. Yes! All the hard work!

She is definitely improving. Yday, one of the girl's mum commented that she had improved! Another of Teacher Raymond's student commented that her sit spin had improved tremendously. Today, another skater's parent commented about her improvement too. I am smiling from ear to ear.

She knows that she is improving too. I checked with her and she was smiling shyly but proudly.

Mummy Lim

One Day Before Grading Test

Zaky had to miss TKD class last week due to a minor incident. He had to make up yday. He would love to skip it totally but today is his red tip grading test. I think the very last practice will do him much good.

It was easy to motivate him to go for his class; I just had to remind him to pass his test. I wish it is the same with the other enrichment classes. It had been a while since I brought him to his TKD. It clashes with Lil Shauna's off ice and Daddy Lim is usually the one who drives him to TKD.

The kids revised their steps in prep of the grading test. He was so little and cute among the rest but was totally in sync with the older kids. He remembered his steps totally.
Zaky said that he is all ready. By the way, Master David is back to coach this branch. He is one of Zaky's favorite coaches. Daddy Lim said that I looked happier than Zaky. Muahahaha. He is an eye candy, very Korean looking. Hohoho.

Mummy Lim

Saturday, May 20, 2017

SA1 Aftermaths

It had been 2 weeks after SA1. The kids are happy bcos the exams are over – I totally know that feeling even though it was a long time ago. What I didn't know is the anxiety that plagues me after the SA1; I was anxious about their results. I don't remember feeling this way when Lil Shauna was in P1 and 2. Why would things take such a drastic change in P3?

Anyway, I always have high academic expectations of Lil Shauna. It is totally her fault; she is too capable academically and there is no reason why I shouldn't set a high target for her. So convenient to put the fault on her, right? Muahaha.

She only met my expectation for English. Daddy Lim said that I am a tiger mum. For Maths, she scored high 80s and I already expected to see careless mistakes bcos I know that she is capable of more. She had always done well for Maths and score fantastically for the past revision papers done in class. I was so right. While I was going through the papers, I was almost pulling hair, both hers and mine. She lost 9 marks on careless mistakes, like adding/ subtracting/ multiplying/ dividing wrongly. Seriously? I even saw her copying the numbers wrongly from the question. My heart bled.

I knew that she wouldn't do too well for her Chinese when we ran through her revision papers the day before her Chinese papers. My kang tang girl lacks exposure to the language. She did reasonably well for her Chinese composition but lost a lot of marks in oral. That caught me by surprise. I thought talking is easy?

I can’t expect too much on Science given that it is a new subject. I realized that she has difficulty applying what she learnt in theory.

On the other hand, I don't have much expectation on Zaky. It is nice being the youngest in the family, isn’t it? I should ask ah yee. Lol. Academically, he pales in comparison to Lil Shauna; I still remember drilling him on writing his A, B, C when he should have learnt those in preschool. Though so, I was curious to see what kind of results he would bring back on his 1st set of formal tests.

Surprisingly, he did fairly well. For English, he lost 6 points and 4 of them bcos of his horrendous handwriting. Teachers do that? So cruel. For Maths, he lost 5 marks all due to careless mistakes. He is exactly following Lil Shauna’s footstep. Faint. For Chinese, he scored full marks for his written paper and I was so proud until he said that majority of his class had full marks bcos it was such an easy paper. Chey. I think I blogged about how pleased I was about him scoring 7/10 for his Chinese oral only to have his teacher telling us that it was below expectations as most of his class scored 9 or full marks. Zzzzzz.

I have to admit that I was anxious with Lil Shauna’s results. I started asking myself if I was too relaxed with her bcos we didn't do too much revision before her SA1 other than Chinese and it obviously didn't help her much. I sent her back to the Chinese enrichment center that she was previously from. She knew that it would come if she didn't keep up her grades. Additionally, I found gold on internet; I realized that the exam papers of famous schools were published for free.

Since the kids had requested not to go to the student care center during the June holiday, I have printed a whole stack of SA1 papers from the famous schools for the kids to do. This should keep them really occupy; I don't want them to be bored. I am such a thoughtful mum. Muahahaha.

Mummy Lim

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Happy 9th Bday Part 3 + Mothers' Day

On Saturday, we headed to Nainai's place for a family dinner and to celebrate Mothers' Day.

After the dinner at North Point, we bought a cake back for a mini bday celebration. I thought the cake was lousy or maybe it was bcos it was the 3rd bday cake in that week. Cake overdosed. Lil Shauna was simply happy to go through the all important bday cake ceremony. She was slightly upset at Zaky who destroyed one of the candles and had to settle with 8. Lol.

On Sunday, we had Mothers' Day dinner with Popo and my brother's family.
We had intended to buy another cake originally but overdosed cake was already oozing from my ears and nose. Lil Shauna didn't fuss over the lack of cake too.

I thought there was a lot more hype before than on Mothers' Day itself. The school and student care made the kids draw a whole lot of cards for Mothers' Day but the kids conveniently forgot that it was Mothers' Day on Sunday itself. Duh!

Mummy Lim

Sunday, May 14, 2017

On the Way to Sit Spin

It has become our routine for Lil Shauna to hit the ice before off ice on Sunday. Now that church starts and ends earlier, she gets a good lunch and a good hour of practice.  The practice is much needed especially now that the ice is so crowded on Saturday morning. The Sunday slot before off ice is suppose to be much emptier usually.

Lil Shauna is still feeling slightly under the weather. She spent the 1st 15 mins skating leisurely on the public ice. She seemed to be enjoying herself until I signaled for her to go to her 1/3 ice. Hello, time to work hard.

She did work hard when she moved over to the the 1/3 ice, practicing on her jumps and spins. Towards the end, I asked her to do her sit spins. Her scatch spins are inconsistent; I have seen very good ones but usually not. She was taught sit spin but we usually focused on her scratch spins, trying to perfect those before moving on.

I was excited when I saw that she could go lower than usual on her sit spin today! I asked her to do it again and again and took so many videos. She even tried standing up and continuing on her scratch spin thereafter. Hohoho.

Teacher Raymond caught her doing the last one and commented that the "shape" is there, she just needed to go down lower. Nevertheless, it is an improvement, a big one if you ask me.

I am so happy, more than Lil Shauna, we are on our way to another big milestone. Hehe. I kept asking Lil Shauna what she had done right, she is clueless. Whatever it was, I told her to remember this feeling next week. Hehehe.

Mummy Lim

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Ice Skating 83

Yday, Daddy Lim and I were just chatting about Lil Shauna's ice skating. I told him that she had done over 80 one-to-one classes over the last 3 years. A quick calculation turns up a scary amount. Well, everybody knows that the ROI on kids is never guaranteed. I told Daddy Lim that we would all be happier by not remembering the money. Haha.

Lil Shauna is feeling a little under the weather. I think Zaky has successfully passed on his flu virus. The medicine and a good night sleep didn't do much to cure the flu. She was feeling lethargic when we headed for ice.

The public rink was unbelievably crowded. Why like that? She had a hard time doing her footwork and she acted like she was so sick and I didn't dare push her. Luckily we entered the rink late and she soon hopped over to the 1/3 ice. She didn't had much time to practice before class. She did some spins but complained that her head hurts and focused on her jumps instead. I just love seeing her do waltz jumps though they are the easiest. Haha.

I had thought that Teacher Raymond would focus on her spins this week but he was on her jumps instead. I thought her loop jumps looked quite decent already but she still needed to find that magic something for her flip jumps.

I would have pushed her back into the rink if she wasn't sick. She played the sympathy card and requested pitifully to rest. OK lor, treat it as a belated birthday present.  Lol.

Mummy Lim

Happy 9th Bday Part 1 & 2

I still remember how we rushed to NUH A&E 9 years back after the Mothers' Day lunch bcos my gum wouldnt stop bleeding. I also remember shivering while waiting at the A&E with blood pressure measuring 170/110. Then, the doctors who crowd around me to try to bring down the blood pressure, to stop the gum bled and to administer the steroid jab in attempt to help mature her little lungs.

Without much warning, she came gatecrashing at 34+5 weeks, weighing a mere 1.8kg.
Seriously, where had the 9 years gone since?

Today, our little girl is sweet beyond words. She is our pride and our joy, always the well behaved and angelic one. I love to tease her until she said that she prefers Daddy Lim to me bcos I drive her crazy. I like to think that it is a special mother and daughter thing. Haha.

Being the 1stborn, I put crazily high expectations on her, pushing her many times. It must be tough on her but she is resilient. See, how not to be proud of her.

I promised myself to do away with more bday parties and I did. However, we continue to celebrate this joyous occasion with bday presents and cakes.

Her 1st bday present was a new hp line though she had to inherit Daddy Lim's old phone. She is the sensible one and we know that she wouldnt abuse our trust or break the ground rules laid.
We bought her a little cake during the gathering on Vesak Day. Though she no longer receives tons of toys like she used to during bday parties, she was happily in the limelight and basking in the well wishes. By the way, I am quite sure that she is too old for toys. Haha.

We celebrated her bday for her again today. She had specifically asked to have dinner out and we just have to oblige.

Of course we had to complete the celebration with cake on her actual day with unique bday cakes that she chose herself.

We got her a 2nd present - she has joined the crazy step counting quest.

No, I am not crazy enough to buy her an expensive fitbit to wear to school. This, I got from Taobao at a mere $20. I don't know how long it would last and I was hoping that it wouldnt explode. Hahaha.

Happy 9th bday baby. Love you to the moon and back.

Mummy Lim

Monday, May 8, 2017

Ending Sunday Nicely

It was the usual Sunday routine. We did hit the rink a little earlier and Lil Shauna had some good practices. Her scratch spin was really great towards the end. She must have done something right but she said that it was the "usual". Give me this special "usual" anytime!

What really made my day was thereafter. I won a lot of Capitaland vouchers last company's D&D. I kept it, intending to use them for Lil Shauna's ice skating lessons. Then, it was out of sight and out of mind. On Saturday, I suddenly remembered them and realised that the $300 vouchers left had expired. Sob. I brought them to Jcube, hoping that Capitaland would give me an extension and they did - 2 weeks. As a result, we went for a mini shopping spree. The kids easily spent $50 in Westgate Isetan and $100 in Popular. We all bought something each. Spending money is always a joy and a double joy to not have to pay. Haha.

After the mini spree, we made use of the last of Ah Yee's love for my bday. She gave me a Groupon for Fish Manhattan and we had a Seafood Platter for 4. We were initially worried about the big portion and were even thinking to tabao the extra for bfast.

It was extra worry bcos the platter must be meant for 4 not too hungry people. Luckily, we only have 1 very hungry big people and 3 very hungry small people. All GONE!
Lil Shauna had to top up with the lemons. Lol.
We ended the hearty dinner with ice cream. Yum.
The kids were very impressed that the big meal only cost $10 (cost of the ice cream). I bet they hope for this everyday.

To end off the day, the kids opened all their "presents" and enjoyed playing Uno before bed. Best Sunday ever! Lol.

Mummy Lim

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Ice Skating 82

We were early but chose to camp outside of the rink until a later time to go in. We predicted that the rink would be crowded like usual and wanted to maximise our time instead of squeezing with the crowd.

The public ice was indeed crowded. Lil Shauna complained loads even if was just foot work. The rest of the practice before class wasn't fantastic too and I was better off closing my eyes to save me from spraying blood. I could only hope for miracle during class.

I didn't pay too much attention to class but enough to realise that Lil Shauna should do more 3-turn practices before class.

Teacher Raymond practice her jumps during class. Her loop jumps are still unstable and she is still super uncomfortable with speed. Without speed, she could do her jumps but they often look boring and pathetic. She still didn't land her flip jump. I don't know what is missing; she will have to figure that out on her own.

We stayed on for extra practice after class and ice re-surfacing. The ice is usually so much emptier the 2nd session and allows for some better practice. She did so much better. I even got a nice picture.
Is she improving? Yes, slowly but surely.

Mummy Lim