Thursday, October 19, 2017

Fish Torturing Session

It was the PH and I was intending to bring the kids to the beach bcos they had been asking so. However the weather was freaking hot. Plan B kicked in; we decided to go torture some fishes. Hohoho.

We met my bro's family at 4pm. Then kids eagerly jumped into the "pond" and started terrorising the fishes. They were at least willing to pose for me before their fun and obliged with my hug request.

For the next 2 hours, the poor fishes were trying to swim and hide. Lil Shauna is such an expert and net quite some fishes. Zaky paled so much in comparison. He even needed to activate my help to spot the fishes.

The kids' happiest moments must be when the staff released "new" fishes into the pond. At such times, not only were they excitedly scooping away with their net, they even tried scooping with their hands. Lol.

At the end of the 2 hours, the kids each had a tank full of fishes but we had a prior agreement to bring home only 5 fishes each. Lil Shauna took a long time to choose her fishes. Zaky did his with Daddy Lim.

We also agreed to release the fishes into the pond at level 5 but the kids pleaded to keep the fishes for 1 day as pet. By the time we were home, 3 of Zaky's fishes were dead. Lil Shauna's were fine. Lil Shauna boast that she not only go for the colours but chose the strongest fishes, making sure that they could squirm strongly before choosing them.

As one day pet owners, the kids happily fed bread to the fishes. I bet the fishes were too scare to eat. Lol. We ended up with chalky water this morning. Nevertheless, Lil Shauna was still happily naming her fish and declared that didi only has 1 fish left to name bcos the other one is very dead. I can't even spot Zaky's fish from the top of his tank.
We released the fishes into the 5th level pond this evening. I am quite sure they became the big fishes' dinner. Hohoho. Well, at least the kids were pet owners for a day. Haha.

Mummy Lim

Monday, October 16, 2017

Ice Skating 100: Blister 1, Shauna 0

It is again the battle against the dreadful blisters. Armed with not only the gel, the blister plasters, we added on the ankle sleeve as part of the armor. We tried the ankle sleeve at home and it fits fairly well. I had hopes but as a fall back plan, I have also ordered the “legendary ezeefit bootie”. The only problem is that Amazon doesn't ship that item to Singapore and I have to order from some ezeefit inline website. I wasn't willing to pay USD30 or USD75 for tracked and efficient shipping for the bootie that cost only USD15. I have opted to pay USD10 for their international shipping and the website said that it would take up to 4 weeks for the purchase to arrive or maybe never bcos it is not tracked. Zzzz.

Anyway, with the ankle sleeve, Lil Shauna headed to the ice for warm up and was complaining that her foot was feeling numbed bcos of the ankle sleeve. I loosen her laces and she was back up in less than 5 mins, insisting that she cant skate with the sleeves. Her poor ankle sleeve has been abandoned and sitting sadly in her bag while she hit the ice with the blister plaster.

Knowing that flip jumps aggravate the sore spot and induce blister, I had asked her to not do her flip jumps during warm up. Then, bcos the last few weeks were on spins, Coach Raymond worked on her jumps this week. I didn't want to look bcos I expected her to be in pain soon after she started the jumps. They kept going on the flip jumps for a long time before progressing to waltz jump loop jump combo. Maybe frog legs will help; she hasn't the strength to jump her loop after landing the waltz.

By the end of the lesson, she was in pain as expected. Though no visible blister, she was whining so much in pain and limping. The bigger foot was fine. I half suspect that she was exaggerating the pain but she insisted that she would do no extra practice. Haiz, we lost to the blister.

Bcos we were earlier than usual, we walked to sport shops in Jem, hoping to find a remedy but left empty handed. What we could find are similar one-time use blister plasters and they aren’t cheap. This is so tricky. I was reminded of her 1st new Jackson stakes. We had so many problems with those too; the issue then was numb toes. It was plenty of trial and error and the eventual solution was for the skates to run in naturally. When will this pair finally break in? I hope the blister issue isn’t permanent.

Despite the not too fantastic skating session, we had a happy lunch though. Lil Shauna and I shared a bowl of mushroom soup.

We licked it so clean.

Yday, we missed ice time. I eventually caved in to buy a piece of super expensive gel at S$19. I was hoping that we would get to try skating with the gel on but was running late. We bought a similar piece when she had troubles with her 1st Jackson but couldn't find it at home. Lil Shauna decided to ask mummy to buy her pink laces too.

Hopefully this will help. I am at my end wits.

Mummy Lim

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Another Solo Ride

The plan was a morning ride and I had asked to do the PCN bcos I havent recovered from the road trip mountain nightmare. Then on Friday night, Daddy Lim lost sleep and commented that he wouldn't he able to wake up for the ride. He suggested for a Saturday night ride instead.

On Saturday morning, the idea of a treadmill run was too painful and I proceeded on my 2nd solo ride without the sleepy head. Cleverly, I brought my snack this time. Haha.

The weather was great; it was the usual route but for some reason, it wasn't enjoyable. I was lonely and a headache plagued me not long after I started riding. I had a headache too the last solo ride but at least that started when I was on the returning route. Sob.

Nevertheless, I made it to the end at Buona Vista.
And had my well deserved snack. That was what pushed me on. 
The returning trip was bad with the annoying headache. 

I don't know what caused the headache, Daddy Lim said that it was the lack of sleep. I was thinking if it was the helmet, which wasn't too tight to begin with. However, the ache seemed to dissolved after I removed the helmet and loosen it further. Still, the ride was far from enjoyable. I was so glad to make it home.

This morning, Daddy Lim and I went for another ride. I was so ready to go on the road this time bcos the PCN ride was so bad yday. Moreover, Daddy Lil promised that we wouldnt go to the Police Coast Guard this time, which also meant no peaks. Yeah. 

It was the same route for most part though, we went past the same cemeteries and the chicken farms. The smell.... I can still remember it now. We definitely went slower this time bcos I was still very much breathing when we came to the same single lane road. After the 1st peak, which Daddy Lim insisted that it wasnt one of the peaks, but just a slightly steeper slope, we made a right turn, only to come to another huge slope. Zzzzz...

Daddy Lim hasn't tried this route before but it was definitely more merciful that the Coast Guard one. 

We went past several different farms along the way. As we didn't have a destination in mind, we decided to turn back not long after but not before we enjoy the fruits of our labour. Hahaha.
I definitely felt much more tired on the way back such that that straight long road along the chicken farms and cemeteries became a test of endurance. I was so happy when I finally saw civilisation. 

We clocked about 30km this time, our longest so far. Give me a ride with Daddy Lim anytime. 

Mummy Lim

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Must Dye Hair

I usually dye my hair every 4 months. It has been a fine balance between not overly damaging my hair vs not looking overly hideous. It has been slightly more than 4 months and my grey hair are publicly reminding me to do something. I wanted to but didn't find a good day to take leave.

Bcos of my non-action, my grey hair had decided to shame me. It was so bad, that I have 2 colleagues commenting about my grey hair and telling me to go dye them. It has come to the point of cannot wait and I whined to Daddy Lim. My whinning absolutely worked and he suggested for me to do what I needed.

Such chance wait no man. The next moment, I was in the hair salon. Muahahaha. Ok, it was actually the next day after work and I outsourced child caring responsibilities. I was lucky that the usual salon was able to serve me despite being a crowded Friday evening and without prior appointment.

I am quite sure that I had flattened my butt from all the sitting; I was in the salon for almost 3 hours. I wanted a shade as light as possible and yet be able to cover my grey hair. The stylist had to smack thick chunk of dye on my hair. I felt as if my head weighed a ton after all the dye was applied. It was good neck training.

To play it safe, they kept the dye on for extra time to make sure that the grey hair would be covered. The end result was worth the suffering. It was a shade lighter than what I originally had.
After keeping my hair at one length for many months, I have asked for layering. There was so much hair on the floor after it was done. My head suddely feels so tight. No wonder the weighing machine was kinder to me this morning. Lol.
I was just in time to pick the boy from class. Perfect timing and a happy me.

Mummy Lim

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

SA2 Nightmare Starts!

I remembered how chill I was for the previous SAs, somewhat being proud that the kids have built a good foundation from the various enrichment classes that we had been sending them.

Lil Shauna had been academically strong in P1 and 2. Coupled with the fact that she sets high expectations for herself, I rarely have to fret over her academically. I had thought that she would similarly sail smoothly for P3 SA1. Her SA1 results jolt me awake from my sweet dreams. They aren't that bad but if I had put a little more effort to help her revise, she would have done better, especially for her Science. I was then told by many other parents that it is a big jump in difficulty and complexity from P2 to P3. It was also after SA1 that I discover the world of free good primary school exam papers.

SA2 started this week and I didn't take any chance this time. Since last week, the Chinese revision on 生字 has started, along with the starting of past year papers for the other subjects. I didn't help Lil Shauna prepare at all when she was in P1 bcos I didn't know what to and P1s are not subjected to real SAs anyway but mini tests. Poor Zaky is now working on past year papers too bcos jiejie is in the regime and someone will scream "not fair" if didi gets away scott free. Haha. However, I go much easier on him as compared to Lil Shauna. Interestingly, Lil Shauna didn't complain when she spent more time than Zaky revising. I guessed she knew she had more to cover.

Lil Shauna has completed her paper 1 for both EL and CL. I had been reminding her to stay focus on the topic for her EL compo bcos she can get so carried away in her writing and write out of point. She writes way too much! We did a few 作文 practices, hoping that it would help. She is taking her EL and CL oral today and we similarly tried practicing for her CL oral. She is potato girl and trying to converse in Chinese is almost mission impossible.

Lil Shauna is feeling the heat and hoping that SA2 would be over soon. I feel exactly the same way. Fighting.

Mummy Lim

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

More Blisters!

Lil Shauna went back to the ice on Sunday afternoon after church. Her feet were already sore from the practice the day before. She didn't complain and went onto the ice after apply the gel.

She worked hard on her spins and did her jumps. The issue came when she was trying to do her flip jumps. After a few flip jumps, she felt the blister like pain on her smaller foot. We had to stop to put the blister plaster, hoping that it would help. While doing so, the more experienced skaters were telling me that the skates were probably too big/ loose, which was what I suspected bcos it is always the smaller foot that is more impacted. One of them then suggested this thing called the ezeefit bootie, which helped him. It doesn't seem to be sold in Singapore. From the website, it looks like this; somewhat like an ankle guard but I think it is much thinner.
Lil Shauna didn't last very long even with the plaster. She looked like she was in so much pain that even I was convinced that she should stop.

The blister plaster didn't help bcos it had shifted. See, that boot is indeed too loose. Then again, bcos children's foot grow very quickly, it didn't make sense to buy skates that fit just nicely. Moreover, Lil Shauna has 1 foot longer than the other. I heard from the skaters that there are people who actually bought 2 pair of different size skates to overcome the different foot size issue. Wah.... I hear kaching, kaching.

We replaced the plaster and went for a chocolate that can overcome all blister pain. Haha. I tried searching for the ezeefit bootie but didn't find any in Watson. Daddy Lim was activated bcos he was with Zaky in West Coast Plaza and there are some sports shops there.

He could only find ankle support and we were guessing Lil Shauna's size. We bought the ankle support as an interim solution.
She tried it in the night and had a hard time trying to slip it on. But once on, it wasn't as tight as I thought it would be.
I hope it would help. This is so difficult.

Mummy Lim

Monday, October 9, 2017

First Road Ride

The last time I rode on the roads, I was a teenager. Fortunately I didn't meet any accidents but the fear of cars zooming close by stayed with me. The same fear lingered so many years later such that our rides were largely confined to PCNs or a tight squeeze with the pedestrians on the walkways.

Daddy Lim is getting bored with the same route; there is afterall just that many interconnecting PCNs in the West. If we were to go onto the roads, we would have so many more options. I eventually decided to try; it should be quite similar to motorcycling right? The only difference is that I would never overtake a vehicle in my manual 2-wheeler.

The date was set for Sunday morning where there would be lesser cars. He also suggested that we go for roads that aren't so crowded to make the first road ride less daunting.

We set off at about 6.45am and the sky was starting to get bright. We hit the road soon after we started. It was quite all right and the road wasn't that busy. I think motorists are also more aware of cyclists as compared to when I was a teenager.

Daddy Lim said that the end destination is the Police Coast Guard before we turned back. Ok... I have no idea where that is but at least he knows where to go.

After the initial stretch with a few traffic junction, we came to a long, very long road that goes on forever. I saw cemetery and smelled what smells like chicken farms. On the other side of the road, hoards of road bike cyclists seem to be heading back from where we were supposed to go.

Bcos it was a long straight road and we were going faster, it was much tiring than the usual PCN route. Little did I know that the long flat stretch was a luxury. We soon progressed to a 2-way single lane road and that was when the nightmare started. It was up slope and down slope and more slopes that came one after another. Ok, maybe there were only 5 peaks in all but I was totally unprepared for such. Each peak just gets more and more difficult to climb. I was ready to turn back after like the 2nd one but Daddy Lim convinced me that we should press on. Sob.

Finally, we came to the Police Coast Guard. I have never been so happy to see a Police station. I definitely looked more energetic in this picture than I really felt.
After a short break of water (yes, only WATER), we had to go back the same way. Daddy Lim said that we should have some snacks after about an hour of cycling but he only said that at the Police Coast Guard but didn't ask me to bring any before we started the ride. Boo.. why like that? As we were starting to head back, we saw a road bike cyclist who had just arrived and was enjoying his delicious snack bar. Roaarrr.. with or without snacks, we still had to cycle back.

Daddy Lim said that we should peddle as fast as possible when going down the slope so that we can harness on the ignition to roll up slope as much as possible. That saved my life a little but I still peddle like crazy to conquer the up slopes.

After some crazy cycling, we were finally back in JW and stopped by the petrol kiosk for a drink. Cold Ribena never taste so appealing.

I made it back alive. Daddy Lim asked if I would like to do this road cycling thing again. I told him that I would have to first forget about the pain. Lol. It is this ride that I played with my gears so much, switching among so many gears as I go down slope to gain speed before switching gears again when I am climbing up. At times, I think my bike was barely crawling upwards. For a large part of the up slope journey, all I could see was my front tire bcos I was concentrating so hard on pushing 1 foot down after another. I occasionally looked up so as to see the road and to gauge how far I am from the peak. The drop in emotion was so real when I finally made it to the top only to realise that the next one was coming. Zzzzzzz.

Well, at least we cycled on the road and I am alive. Haha.

Mummy Lim

Night Safari

My company has the Night Safari card that grants 4 complimentary entries. I applied for the card and we were on the way to Night Safari. The last and only time we were there, Zaky was non-existent and so Lil Shauna was nothing more than a toddler. I can't remember much about the Night Safari except that we took the tram.

The kids were excited having not really been there before. We had dinner at MIL's place before heading to the Park together. On the Park's website, it listed 4 entry timings and we were almost on time.

The Park was crowded! We thought it wouldn't given that there was a heavy downpour just a while ago. We got to know that corporate card gave us priority entry. Happy!

We entered the Park to find snaking Q for the tram. SKIP. The 1st show at 7.30pm was also full. We decided to use our legs to walk the trail and the trail was very empty. Apparently most of the crowd was in the tram Q.

The Park didn't feel big; there were 4 to 5 short trails and animals to see along the way. There were also a few enclosure to see the wallaby and bats and flying squirrel at close range. By the way, flying squirrels are huge despite being called a squirrel. They looked like fat koala bears to me, just that they are perched on top of the tree and a lot more active and agile.
We stopped for ice cream after 2 trails.
We were lucky to chance upon an initiative that the Park is starting. We got up close and personal with this raccoon-like animal. It was busy finding its favourite treats - mice in the setup. We saw its trainer dangling half of the mouse at it frequently and got the little guy very excited. The kids would love to pat it but weren't allow as it is still considered a wild animal and not domesticated pet.
After a little more walking, we headed back to the threatre 9for the 9.30pm show. It was a nice show and the kids were very entertained.
They even took pictures with the owl after the show.
It was 10pm by then and though the tram Q was much shorter, we were beat after an entire day's activities. We headed home after sending nainai home and both kids fell asleep in the car. They must be really tired.

Mummy Lim

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Ice Skating 99

Ooooo... we are one lesson away from class 100! Not only am I reminded of the long journey since we started Lil Shauna's ice skating classes, I am also reminded of the investments that we have made so far. Haha.

It was again new skates only day and I think it is the way to go henceforth. We worked on her spins before class and she did quite a few nice ones but she needed to find the way to hold her scratch spins. She needs to go faster and spins more rounds. We also worked on her sit spins. Though she hasnt mastered standing up from her sit spin, she is now working on holding her sit spin.

We proceeded on to her jumps and that was when her smaller foot started hurting. We rubbed more gel and she went back for some more practices before class. I am wondering if I needed to lace her smaller foot tighter, suspecting that abrasion ocurred bcos her skate wasn't tight enough and her foot is sliding around when she jumps.

Coach Raymond worked on her spins. With the tips given, her back spin definitely improved.
Then of course, her sit spins before 1 attempt at camel spin. Her camel was obviously very dead looking. Lol. She was taught a new spin - the Attitude Layback spin. The standard one look like this and the skater looked exactly like a spinning ballerina in one of those music boxes. Super nice.
The one that Lil Shauna attempted looked definitely none like this. Lol. Obviously, she has a long way to go, a very long way.

By the end of the class, she said that she was so dizzy from all the spinning and refused to continue. The dizziness was luckily easily overcome by a bar of chocolate. Haha.

Did she get blister? Still yes and on the smaller foot. The other foot was also sore. Sob, poor girl. Though blisters, she definitely tolerated the pain better than when we 1st started. Fighting!

Mummy Lim

Saturday, October 7, 2017

My First Solo Ride

I haven't rode for a while bcos it had been rainy. I am dying for a ride. Last night, I briefly mentioned a morning ride to Daddy Lim but we didn't confirm. I fell asleep while tucking the kids only to wake up at 5am bcos it was too cold as somebody had snatched my blanket. Haha. It was a blessing in disguise bcos I managed to set the alarm for an hour later.

The alarm sounded and I was up but sleepy head Daddy Lim refused to. I was tempted to go to bed but eventually persisted. Daddly Lim half heartedly wanted to tag along but was so slow mo-ing that he was still in his PJ when I was about to get out of the house. Chey. And he has to be home by 8.30am to send the car for servicing. I thought I would be better off alone. Haha.

So I did! My 1st solo ride. It was slightly foggy and the sun was brilliant this morning. It was so beautiful and many picture perfect moments. I only got this one bcos I didn't want to stop often.
I rode the usual PCNs and all the way to Buona Vista. I played around with the higher gears and went a little faster. I did get a little lonely at times though. I also got a headache and stopped for a biscuit break. I brought biscuit bcos dinner was miserable last night and I was worried that I might faint from hunger. Lol.

Overall, it wasn't too bad and I clocked my 26km. Yeah! I still prefer to ride with Daddy Lim anytime. Haha.

Mummy Lim