Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Super Short Break Austin Heights Day 1: Aeon Mall

It was the Good Friday long weekend. It is too wasted to not do anything. A few watsapp and we planned to head to Austin Heights with my brother's family. It was a super short break as we had to be back on Sunday for BIL and MIL's baptism.

We knew that the traffic at the immigration would be horrendous having experienced that during the National Day long weekend. Ended up, we took half day leave to beat the traffic. We got the kids from school, lunched, changed and wash their stinky feet before heading for Malaysia. Yes, the kids' feet... dont get me started. They almost knocked us out when they took off their socks and shoes in the car during the last road trip where we started directly from school. Just imagine keeping a car load of salted cuttlefish. Eeeeewwww... My bro's family had to risk it to cross the custim in the evening with the youngest still in school till late afternoon.

All fingers and toes were crossed. While the Woodlands checkpoint was closer to the airbnb, Daddy Lim was much more comfortable with the 2nd link. Phew, we could see the custom when we joined the Q.
It took us less than an hour to clear both the Singapore and Malaysia customs. The traffic was slightly heavy at certain parts of the journey to the airbnb and it was another hour before we arrived at the airbnb. Yay!

Our airbnb this time was a double story house. It was conveniently 6 mins drive to the Aeon mall. The house was huge with 4 bedrooms. However, it was aged with old furniture and weak aircon in the rooms. There was no aircon in the living room but fortunately, the heat in the living room wasnt overbearing despite the hot weather.
We couldnt get the wifi to work and didnt know how to switch the channels on the TV. At times like that, it is best to hit the malls for free aircon.

The Aeon mall was a few storeys big.

There were plenty of food and snacks to please Popo and many sports brand lined the 2nd floor to entertain Daddy Lim. The kids had their time at the arcade.

Then dragged us to the new indoor rockclimbing place; it didnt exist the last year we visited the mall.

The Rocky Basecamp was similar to what we have in Kallang but lesser walls. It was much cheaper too. A 2-hour pass was only RM25 per kid with harness and shoes provided. My pocket was very happy.

It was fairly empty on a Thursday evening.
The session started with a simple safety briefing and a demonstration of dos and donts.

The spidey-wannabes set off.

The place was really safe for our tweens who knew what they had to do or cannot do but a guardian was still needed to stay around for
kids below 15yo. The place must be designed by parents for parents to know how tiring it is to wait for kids and therefore lined the waiting area with comfy bean bags. I swear Daddy Lim could fall asleep in that position.
He self entertained with his camera.

The adults took turns to stay with the kids. I ran off for shopping bcos I actually forgotten to bring along shorts for the trip. Obviously I didnt bring my mind for the trip too.

There were 2 storeys and the 2nd floor was lined with more shorter walls.
As well as some ninja warrior training stuff that proves to be too difficult for small people.

The wall climbing was a workout. Lil Shauna crashed with the early morning and long day.
Our timing was perfect. Right when the session ended, my brother's family arrived at the mall. It took them 3 hours to arrive, which wasnt too bad but involved some punk driving at the custom of course.

We had dinner and some shopping before heading back to the airbnb at 9.30pm. The host had sent somebody to rectify the wifi. With wifi and great companion, the night was easy. In fact, we only went to bed after 11pm when our eyelids could no longer hold.

Mummy Lim

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Inter-School TKD Competition

Zaky signed up for the inter-school competition while he was training for the Koko Krunch championship. Since February this year, we had  been busy ferrying the kids for extra training in prep for their various competitions. It is sheer hard work and a total mess to our routine. I cant wait for this last one to be over.

It was however, a good excuse to remind Zaky to keep to his diet. In fact, we had some leeway; the weight limit was 36kg, 1kg higher than the earlier competition. But I played dumb; Zaky had way too much reserve and it would do him good to maintain his weight. He still had his occasional ice cream and chocolates and was 34.8kg at weigh-in with his gears. Nice...

The competition was on a Wednesday morning. It would stretch into the afternoon if he wins. He didnt have to report to school and was super thrilled at that, more than the competition. As he was the only one from his school partaking in the competition, we had to bring him to the competition on our own. We were told to report at Toa Payoh Sports Hall at 8.30am.
Remembering how much waiting there was at the last competition, we had asked his Master for the realistic lastest possible time to report. We took a Grab at 8.15am and panicked when there was a heavy jam on PIE.
The weather was so good.

We arrived on the dot at 9am.

It was a lot more organised this time. His Masters (and many more of them this time) were already at the Sports Hall bcos the girls' competition took place earlier in the morning.

Then, it was a lot of waiting.

His 1st game was scheduled to start at 10am.

But the games overran and we waited and waited and waited. Zzzzzz. It was warmed up and cool down and warm up and cool down again.
Even I got bored, let alone the active boy. At one point, I was taking a call and he almost dozed off waiting, until his Master called him to proceed to the contestants waiting area. Finally!

Then, there was more waiting at the waiting area but at least there were activities like collecting their tags/ foot guard.
After like forever, it was finally Zaky's turn. Time check - 12.10pm! We waited for like 3 hrs. Zzzzz. At that point, I didnt know if I should wish for him to win, which meant more waiting or lose and we can go home. Haha. Zaky was obvious lethargic; he told his Master that he wanted to lose so that he can go home.

It was obvious that he wasnt using what he had learnt. The 1st set ended with a 2-2 score. His opponent kicked him and his 2 points were earned when his opponent was penalised for kicking too low (I think).

The 2nd set started and ended in less than 10s. His opponent tried to kick him and accidentally brushed against his face mask. For that, his opponent was disqualified and Zaky won the 1st round. Hahaha. The win was non of his efforts but the boy was pumped up for more. At that, I was glad that he had won; 3 hours' wait for that slightly over 1 min on the arena was too painful. Zaky said that he did feel bad for his opponent for being disqualified but couldnt hide his winning smile. I feel so bad for whoever that has brought the boy to the sports hall and waited with the boy.

The wait for the 2nd round was much shorter. Within half hour, he was asked to proceed to the waiting area. This time, his opponent looked bigger and stronger than him.

After 2 sets of 1-minute each, his fate was sealed. He lost the game at 10-2. His opponent was obviously stronger and we were subsequently told that he was 11. Then again, Zaky was again not listening or using what he had learnt. Why like that?

The boy was less upset as compared to losing at the last competition bcos he had at least won once. He even thought that he won the 2nd place bcos he lost and got bronze the last competition. Sorry young man, life isnt so simple.

With that, we headed home and this should be the last competition for a while..I think... his Masters told him that there is national TKD sparring competition in September. What??!!! Anyway, I have told Zaky that he has to show me that he is using whatever he has learnt in whichever 3rd competition that he is participating. If he doesnt listen or learn, then he can bid farewell to competitions.

Mummy Lim

Friday, April 19, 2019

WWF Level Up

Daddy Lim and I joined the WWF in February 2018. The rides on Saturday morning 6.30am work perfectly for our busy weekend schedule. Riding in a group is also so much more enjoyable than braving the wind alone. As such, Daddy Lim and I had been regular faces during the Saturday rides. Over time, we have also built up bonds with the other cyclists, often over the bfast breaks. It is so rewarding to ride for delicious food even if the bfast cancelled out the calories burnt. Lol.

The WWF is under the Pioneer CSC and managed by a few like-minded persons. There are hard work that goes into the Saturday rides that Daddy Lim and I so fortunately enjoyed. Then, there are bigger events that require more communication and organisation.

In March, Daddy Lim and I both received a whatsapp invite to join the WWF committee. We are very honored. We were told that the criteria = regular riders plus responsible people. I think the 2nd criteria is a nicer way to mean that they want old people who are too busy/ slow/ cant be bother to spout nonsense on the common chat. Hahaha. While the bigger and more noble purpose is to serve the Jurong West Community, I am more keen towards serving the WWF cyclists, the same people who brought us so much joy every Sat morning.

So tadah! We made it to committee. I have willingly volunteered to help with the administration side of things bcos leading rides isnt my kind of things. I think I will get lost faster than the cyclist I am supposed to lead and my bike handling sucks; I need 2 hands on my handlebar and dont have a 3rd hand to signal to drivers or to indicate turns and holes on the floor. Haha.

Things have worked out fairly well. Posting weekly rides on fb and watsapp dont take up too much time. I dont know for sure what is Daddy Lim role (he will eventually lead some rides) but he has started helping to report the attendance. Ha! The committee role has suddenly made us more responsible. I feel like a class monitress. Hehe.

Mummy Lim

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Ice Skating 159 & 160: New Chapter

It has been more than 2 weeks since Lil Shauna's National competition. With "No Big Deal" behind us, it is now back to learning new things. It also mean that this tuition teacher can now take a break. I think I should allow Lil Shauna more space to learn how to push herself.

The last lesson, Coach Raymond made her do camel, altitude and broken leg spin. There are so many interesting names to ice skating elements, isnt it? While they sound so funny, each one is so difficult. Zzzz..

None of the pictures looked like she did a decent spin, right? Haha, she has a lot more hard work to do, to figure out the gist to get those spins. Thankfully, her sit and back spins are so much better now after the competition drill.

The same night, she joined a footwork workshop organised by her skating club.
The instructor, which is also a coach but for the national and/ or development team (I think), is so good. I signed Lil Shauna up for the lower level class only to realise that her peers went for the higher level workshop. For a while, I was worried that it was a wrong choice. Bcos she knew most of the footwork, she had the opportunity to try to do better. Right choice, right choice. Unlike the 1st workshop, where she was blindly trying to catch up with the rest, she had better appreciation this time. She even shared with me her learning on good postures after the workshop. I reminded her that she needed to practice keeping her hands "less busy", the "busyness" frequently offset her balance and made her look messy.

Yday's class was interesting bcos Lil Shauna learnt new jumps! She was taught lutz jump but couldnt get the entire revolution and unable to land on one foot. Coach Raymond also made her do axle jump! I am so excited, much more than her. Lol.
Of course she didnt get her axle jump but Coach Raymond said that it isnt too bad for a 2nd time on ice.

We went back for extra ice time this afternoon. Lil Shauna worked on her spins but gave up soon after. She practiced her lutz jumps hard and was eventually occasionally able to land on one foot with almost a full round. She said something about edge or the jump wouldnt be considered a lutz jump and asked me if she did it properly. Huh? Simi edge? The tuition teacher 功力不够, she will have to go ask Coach Raymond the next lesson.

Towards the end of the ice time, she went on to practice her axle jump. It was obvious that she was worried about falling but unfortunately it was impossible to master an axle jump without falling on the ice. She of course fell, several times some more. Hahaha. Coach Raymond gave her some pointers along the way, reminding her to cross her leg. He said that she has a little bit more to go to complete the 1.5 round required for an axle. Yeah, sounded so near but I think a lot of hard work for that little bit more.

Competitions push skaters towards improving. Lil Shauna was pressured to work really hard to master her sit and back spins and flip jump needed for the competition. With the competition over, she now able to move to new elements. I am so proud and in anticipation of what she could do in the next competition!

Mummy Lim

Friday, April 12, 2019

Beauty Above All

Lil Shauna had her ears pierced when she was 4. At that times, the 2 older Fs were flashing earrings and the little girl was lured. It was an "interesting" experience; we left the shop with only 1 ear pierced bcos she realised that it hurts and was no fun. Lol. It was after a lot of coaxing that we managed to get the other ear pierced and ended up with a lot of tears.

Then, she had an incident the following year. Her left ear stud was stuck in the ear lobe. Dont ask me how that happened. Weird things always happen to kids. We only managed to get the ear stud out after a visit to NUH children A&E bcos the GP couldnt do anything. How exciting... since then, Lil Shauna has been without earrings and the piercing healed over time.

In the past few years, she had occasionally mentioned about getting her ears pierced again but was never serious enough. I wasnt in a hurry too. I know that there will be a point of time that she would ask for it. I got my ear piercing done only in secondary 4 and didnt stop until I had 7 piercings. It will come and it did. Hoho.

Recently, Lil Shauna had been talking frequently about ear piercing. However, she would back out after imagining how painful it would be. We even checked out the pricing at a 77th street alike shop - $5 per ear, so affordable. Then it was nearing her competition and then her camp, which isnt any good time for ear piercing.

It dragged on for few months, even I got bored of hearing her arguing with herself over the ear piercing. Yawn. Then, an atas ear piercing shop opened in JP. The advertisement claimed that it was painless! Lil Shauna has hopes! But painless comes with an atas price - lowest at $55 for both ears piercing.

One evening, the little girl finally made up her mind and dragged us to JP after dinner for her atas painless ear piercing. The sales claimed that it was painless bcos of the numbing lotion that they used.

Everything happened quickly. We chose the studs, paid for the piercing. The staff moved quickly to identify the spot to pierce and sprayed on the numbing lotion. Fast was good so that Lil Shauna has no chance to back out.

She started panicking when the ladies moved in to pierce her ears. It was done simultaneously, one lady to one ear and so quick that she didnt have much time to really panic. Her parents were happily taking pictures to register the moment. Lol.
Lil Shauna said that it wasnt really painless. I guess speed was the key here. From the point that they started identifying the piercing spots to completion took less than a minute. We paid for manpower leh.

The girl is super happy with her new additions. She was so eager to go show off to her class mates. She didnt complain much about the pain bcos 美 is everything. Hahaha.

Mummy Lim

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Not Too Old for Barugu?

Daddy Lim and I were both busy with work. Popo agreed to help us pick the kids from phonics class yday evening. 

I saw 2 missed calls from LC when my discussions ended. I didnt bother calling back, thinking that the kids had called me bcos Popo was late in fetching them or something of the effect.

It was only when I met up with the kids that I realised why LC was trying to reach me - Zaky hurt himself during class. Zzzzzz. He had this big bump on his forehead. What? Isnt he too old for barugu on forehead? I thought only toddlers get those?

The story goes - the boy couldnt sit still and was rocking forward and backward in his chair. The chair gave way, he slipped and bang his forehead on the edge of the table. I can imagine the impact to be huge, along with his body weight. Ouch! I can also imagine what kind of panic and chaos that he got the center into. He said that he cried a little bcos it was so painful and he got iced and all. I actually found the choatic scene that I imagined in my head so funny. Lol. 

The bump was big. He said that it hurt alot and refused to let us touch it, let alone rub. Popo said that the swell had gone down significantly after the icing. So it must be a lot bigger earlier. He looks fine otherwise, eating 3 slices of pizza for dinner, quarreling with jiejie, playing chess, doing homework, practice sparring with me. 

I couldnt help but had to take a picture of his barugu for keepsakes. The barugu was bigger in real life. See, he is still all giggly about it. Faint. 
Of course I was reminded of the humongous barugu that he got when he was a toddler. I was told that he literally bang his head on the playground metal bar then. Wah lau, same side somemore. Win already.
This picture kept coming back. Maybe I should put them side by side and post them on fb so that fb will prompt me regularly as memories. Hahaha. 

He is Bruise Lim... 遍体鳞伤.. my heart must have grew so much stronger since he came into my world. Lol.

Mummy Lim