Friday, March 16, 2018

Disney on Ice - 6 Years Later

Six years ago, Daddy Lim brought Lil Shauna to Disney on Ice while I stayed home with the very little boy then. I still remembered how they came home with this Buzzlight Year filmsy hat and a huge and expensive Princess balloon. Lol.

Six years later, we have decided to do Disney on Ice again. Now that Lil Shauna is in ice skating, I was hoping that the performance would motivate her. Instead of leaving me and Zaky at home this time, we left Daddy Lim behind. Hahaha. He was nice to ferry us to and back from Kallang Indoor Stadium despite us forsaking him. I took the MRT after work and met them at Kallang.

There wasnt much of a Q into the stadium.
Upon entering, we went staright up to Q up for snacks. Lol. I was greedy bcos my dinner was tabaoed fried rice that I chomped down unsatisfactorily as we walked from the car park to the stadium.

We bought mid tier tickets and had a good view of the rink. I was surprised to see the rink was this small but trusted that the skaters would be able to do their magic nevertheless.
Selfie time before the show starts. Yes, the snacking started too. Lol.

The show started at 7pm. Zootopia!
We were told to turn on our torchlight. It felt like some superstar concert. 我们对你爱不完!!! Lol.
Then the show started. Mickey! Nemo! Many, many princesses and princes!

The highlight of the show must be Frozen. Even I enjoyed it and we were singing along to the tune.

Elsa's costume was very "Elsa". Lol. Very nice.

There was a break at 8pm.
We took a walk and I thought of buying some cotton candy (comes with Olaf filmsy hat, lol) or popcorn only to realise that it was daylight robbery. Still, the parents crowded the station with their young kids and were whipping out stack of cash to pay for the mechandises. Looking at the price, I immediately changed my mind. My kids are way too old for such stuff anyway. Lil Shauna was fine to walk away; Zaky needed some persuasion.

More performances took place after the break. Zaky was getting restless and was fidgeting in his seat. I was getting bored too. Only Lil Shauna was still watching attentively. Finally, the finale at 9pm.

We found Daddy Lim waiting patiently for us. So nicccceeee....

Overall, it was a nice show. Our kids are probably overaged as compared to the many little ones, who donned costume to watch their favorite Disney characters. Will we catch the next one? Probably not. Haha.

Mummy Lim

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Bintan Nirwana Gardens Day 3

The little lady is reading my blog and has requested that I speed up and complete the last entry. Ok lor.

Again, it was a no treadmill day. I had attempted to block out the sun by drawing the "curtain", which in fact was a thin veil that does little to stop the sunlight from coming in. This time, it wasnt Daddy Lim but the little boy who went to bed at 7pm that woke us all up. He was up at 6.30am. Zzzz..

I had thought that maybe we could go for a family run. The idea was strongly objected by the boy and my lazy body was in total agreement to his objections. We ended up watching tv until the kids bugged to go for bfast and then the beach. That reminded me of the nice little seashells that Lil Shauna had lined along the window. Even looking at them made my mood beautiful.
The restuarant was a lot of crowded. We filled our tummies with yummies. The plan was to eat more and have a light lunch, in case of choppy sea on the way home. Scare... very scare.

The original plan was to do sea sports in the morning so that we could still shower in the room before we checked out. The kids knew better and wanted to walk beach instead.

We brought Mr Crabby habitat along... but still no crab (not even a single one) was sighted.
We strolled along the beach to burn off some of the calories. The weather was breezy and cool.

If you are wondering if Bintan really had such clean and new beach, they do not. We saw cleaners spending hours sweeping seaweed off the shore every morning and afternoon. Well, at least it was well maintained.
We strolled along, until we came to the sign to warn against going beyond it. It wasnt dangerous but the part of the beach beyond wasnt taken care by the resort.
From that point onwards, the shore was badly littered with rubbish washed up onshore.
It felt very deserted and we decided to turn back to civilisation when the kids got scared. We saw many interesting stuff though, like this log covered with barnacles.
And this big shell shaped thing that Daddy Lim said is the hind of a squid. I have no idea what.
We didnt see any dead blue button jellyfishes this time. Instead, this round transparent thing that we suspected was a different kind of jellyfish but couldnt tell for sure. Again, we found quite a number of them on the beach.

And there was this dead fish. "So sad!"
By then, Zaky had given up hope of finding his Mr Crabby and torn his habitat apart, using the container to build a sandcastle instead. Haha.

The whole time, Daddy Lim was whining about how hot the weather was.
I also had to mention about this other family that we saw at the beach. They (including their helper) were in pink and white uniform.
They were bravely singing and dancing on the beach while their helper filmed. By the way, I think they didnt change bcos I saw them in the same color code the afternoon before. Hohoho.

The kids were finally willing to leave when Daddy Lim agreed to bring them into the sea after they had changed. I took the time to pack and get ready for check out. I returned to the beach to see the kids enjoying the waves.
Luckily, the jellyfishes had been really kind to us.

While the kids were soaking in the waves, I was happily enjoying the breeze.

And my tiny bit of the sea.
After all the seawater soaking, of course they had to continue with pool soaking.

Then, bathtub soaking to complete the cycle. Lol.
We got an hour late checkout for one of the rooms and I went to return the other room. The hotel had also helped us to get the return ferry tickets ready. Super convenient.
We rest until it was time to check out the room.
Trampoline time!

Then, it was followed by another round of archery.

Lil Shauna got "bulls eye" on her 1st shot! But the rest of the arrows flew everywhere else. Lol.
The kids might have wanted to fish again if we had suggested but Daddy Lim had wanted to turn over a new leaf and protested against more earthworm murders. We ended up exploring the beach beside the fish pool instead. It was more like a mangrove swamp.

The exploration left us perspiring like mad and we spent the remaining time hiding in the aircon Resort Center. The boys played video game while the girls bowled.
With that, our short Bintan holiday has come to an end.

The return ferry ride was a lot more calmer. We wanted to sit at the back of the boat but we were definitely not the only ones seeking to do so and didnt find a seat. We sat in the middle this time. Zaky was tired and took a nap almost the entire ferry. Lil Shauna was feeling queasy most of the time but didnt vomit. Zaky woke up asking if the ride had been bumpy. Lol.

The kids and I disembarked before Daddy Lim and Nainai so that Lil Shauna could have some fresh air. While waiting and looking miserable, we were offered a buggy ride by the Captains. The kids were thrilled. Hehehe, royalty treatment leh.

We were stuck for a long time at the immigration bcos I chose the wrong lane and had to q with the rest of the world. The sign for the q for Singaporeans/ SPRs wasnt clear in the crowd. Then, a big group of Singaporean students came back from their Batam trip and decided to join the passport q before we did. Zzzzzzzzz... it was only at the end that they were asked to use the empty automated Qs. So painful. Sob.

The taxi stand at the ferry terminal had an awfully long q and we wanted to send Nainai out to get a cab. She mistakenly and happily thought that we were sending her home and I waited quietly for Daddy Lim to break the painful news to her. Sorry but we were all so tired and hungry, having gone light/ no lunch and we had to work the next day. Eventually, we dropped her at haborfront taxi stand. The Q was just as long but I hope at least there would more taxis.

It was already 10pm by the time we had dinner and were home. Yawn... would we go to Bintan again? Hmmm.. I would like to plan for a beach resort and snorkeling trip soon but probably not Bintan any sooner. Why? They have jellyfish beach lah. Lol.

Mummy Lim