Sunday, July 22, 2018

Extreme Skatepark

Zaky always has a love for skatepark though he doesnt own the right gear. He had been asking to go a skatepark and he finally got his chance when jiejie had to go to her classmate's (and neighbour) house for project work. Sidetracked, Lil Shauna spent 5.5 hrs at the project meeting to only complete the project sketch. That is one of the most inefficient meetings that I have seen in my life. Lol.

Daddy Lim googled and showed him the various skatepark options. He chose the faraway East Coast Extreme Skatepark. Yes, we travelled from West to East just to scoot.

Not only was it a long, long car ride, the nearest carpark was full as well and we ended up with a long walk. We were also half worried that the skatepark was closed/ demolished. Heng ah!

I was seriously amazed at the huge skatepark. What 1st greeted us was like looked like a huge concave well. It is meant only for advanced skaters.
"Advanced" must be understated; I think only experts should be allowed. Few skaters were at this part of the park.

We walked further and came to the part that is apt for the normal humans.
The boy was overjoyed. He was apprehensive at 1st, wondering which slide (down) he should attempt. The dear mummy suggested the very gentle ones. Lol.

It wasnt long before he attempted the very steep ones. At times like that, I should just close my eyes, in case I get a heart attack.

There were so many other skateboarders, scoot skaters and stunt bikers sharing the skatepark. Fortunately, there was a lot of space for everyone. Most of the scoot skaters were using stunt scooters. I was impressed by what some of the little ones can do.

We had to leave at about 7pm, after spending more than 1 hour at the park. We were getting hungry and there was no food (not even snack) at that part of ECP.

I cannot help it but think that Zaky should get a stunt scooter too so that he be safe. So, we are getting a stunt scooter as his advance bday present! We tried Decathlone only to find their stunt scooters feeling filmsy; not much difference from the usual scoot. Daddy Lim brought him stunt scooter shopping and they laid their eyes on this one... expensive taste leh. Lol.
The gold colored one is an eye candy but sold out. Anyhow, this would be delivered in the next 2 days. Yeah!

I am sure the boy would wish that jiejie has project work every Saturday. Haha. This time, we will be well prepared with food.

Mummy Lim

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Ice Skating 130: Spins and Spins

If there is anyone who is suffering from post competition blues, it must be me. Lol. It had been 2 weeks since the competition and I feel kind of lost; a sudden lost of purpose. I was wondering what Coach Raymond would be teaching Lil Shauna given that she had mastered (sort of) her flip and loop jumps and sit (pancake) spins. 

We had been making some efforts to keep up to her stretching at home. It wasnt too bad and she did stretching 3 out of the 5 weekdays. She really needed more flexibility to achieve the next level of spins and jumps. 

Class started with footwork. What to teach? What to teach?

Then, it was spins, spins and more spins. Coach Raymond worked on her almost there but lacks consistency sit spins, then on her back spins before moving to her camel spins. While she is still far from a perfect camel spins, she managed something that looked like a camel spins, holding for 2 revolutions; she needed 3. Fighting! 

We ended class with a "camel" who had a backache. Lol. Lil Shauna didnt want more practice and I didnt see the need to push her. See, I am in post competition blue! Haha.

What was exciting was seeing her HD competition pictures. Hehe.

Sorry lah, copied and pasted from the website. It would have been wonderful if she could have added on smiles to her routine but at least I know that she was looking up most of the times.

Mummy Lim

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

When the Cat is Away...

Popo went on a cruise holiday over the weekend. That means that we were "home alone" from Friday evening to Sunday late morning. Coincidentally, Daddy Lim was sent for 2 full days' of some speed boat training. By the end of it, he obtained some licence to drive some mini speed boat. Great! But we have no money to buy any yatch. Lol. We also havent figured out how that training is supposed to help with his work.

Anyway, it was time for the kids to learn some independence, meaning feed yourself, clean up if you mess up and put things where they come from. Washing dishes and cleaning the table were such novelty and exciting things to do on Saturday morning after bfast. Haha.

Bcos there was nobody to look after the boy, he followed us to Jcube for Lil Shauna's ice skating class. He was quite pleased to be left in Coffeemin for some computer time and free flow snacks.
It was such a rare chance to have nobody nagged over "cleaniness" and we just had to have a playdate at home.
We had boo over and I was even tempted to have her for a sleepover but reckoned that the kids cant keep secrets from Popo.

Nevertheless, the kids had plenty of fun at the basketball court. They seriously played non-stop and my role was happily reduced to eye-powering. I like. They only took a break when it was dinner time.
While I cannot whip up fanciful meals like Aunty H, I have JP right at my door step. Tadah! Kids were fed anyhow.
Boo left at about 9pm and the kids were pleased to have a blast. Saturday down.

We were on our own again on Sunday. It was decided that we would do ice time with Zaky in tow.
Followed by his TKD.
The kids then insisted that we had to do something fun. Yes, they wanted their dear mother's life.

Ended up, we bought munchies and had a simple picnic at the Jurong Park as per the kids' requests.

Then, they found new friends and had another round of blast.
Their dear mother was basking in the sun.
With her Suduko. It was such "hard work". Lol.
We left the park only when the sun started to set and Daddy Lim was finally back to have dinner with us. We... I mean, I survived!

While there wasnt really much that I needed to do, the constant bickering worn me out. With Daddy Lim, we could separate the kids. Moreover, I was yearning so much for an adult conversation. It was just a while ago that Daddy Lim didnt have to work on weekends but obviously I have grown used to such luxurery. Haha.

Mummy Lim

Monday, July 16, 2018

Ice Skating 129: Relak One Corner

It must be the post competition attitude. It wasnt so much of Lil Shauna but I too wanted a break from pushing her. Moreover, Daddy Lim was on course and I had to lug 2 kids. As a result, I left Lil Shauna alone in the rink after helping her with the skates.

When I was back to pick her, I saw her working on her camel spin. She is so far from it. Zzzzz. She said that Coach Raymond also taught her duno what new single jump. We didnt even do extra practice. It was truely relak lah.

We did go back on Sunday and I stayed this time. Lil Shauna said that she didnt score on her pancake spin during the competiton bcos she didnt go low enough. Coach Raymond must have seen the score breakdown. It was so wasted bcos she went so fast on her pancake spins then.

As a result, we worked on our spins and her sit spins were quite alright. She just needed consistency now; her spins also got mood swings. Zzzzzz.

As I was watching her, I was thinking she would soon be ready to progress to the next "level" of spins and jumps. We are talking about camel and more complex spins and of course the double jumps. And I realised that those are really one level beyond her. Some of those movements required flexibility and she is 木头人. She couldnt even do 1.5 round jumps off ice (she needed a quarter more) and I think we can forget about doing it on ice.
She probably didnt know the amount of hard work coming her way. Let's start with the daily stretching. Haha.

Mummy Lim

Friday, July 13, 2018

Loving my 5gb

Like many hp users, I no longer clocked huge talk time or smses but struggled with my monthly 3gb data. It sometimes get so bad at the end of the bill cycle that I have to ration my data plan to avoid incurring extra charges. Of course it is also about tapping on free wifi when the chances arise. It is a pain.

On the other hand, Daddy Lim's mobile bill is heavily subsidised by the company. With that, it is no wonder that he is on a generous plan with 6gb of data plan. I always envy him when he could freely surf the web or play games that require data bcos he could afford it. Not fair! I even found him surfing in the room, on our bed at times - a luxury that I couldnt afford bcos we couldnt get wifi from that part of our room. _÷&$_×(#($£× Angry.

The last straw came when I have problems trying to tap onto the Company's free wifi while in the office. Enough spoken, I needed to upgrade my data plan...

Tadah! For an additional $5.90 per month, I now have 5gb of data plan! Woohoo! Cartwheels! Happy dance! I love it that I now dont
 have to control my data usage. Why did I wait so long to spend that small money to make life easier? It is now my turn to lie on the bed and surf the net. Muahahaha.

Mummy Lim

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

All for Today, "It Is No Big Deal"!

All the weeks of hard work and extra lessons are all for today!

I was on half day leave bcos there was so much to prepare. Costume, makeup, skates, rubber bands.... I had also wanted to bring Lil Shauna for last minute practice and warm up before the actual moment.

It was another mad rush bcos there was lunch to take and homework to complete. Homework was incompleted in the little time that she had and had to be completed while on the way to the rink. Tough life.
Lil Shauna hit the ice and was practicing hard on her spins; she is least confident about her spins. She was a ball of nerves and was fustrated about not being able to nail her spins. I had to take on the cheerleading role and kept encouraging her.

After over an hour's of hard work and after many, many spins, I had to drag her for a light dinner. She had so many butterflies in her tummy and barely had space for dinner. We had some kaya toast before heading back to the rink. I was actually equally anxious, robbing my appetite too but had to pretend that it was no big deal. Lol. Truthfully, I told her that we had done all the hard work and preparation and there was nothing else we could do.

Back to the rink, it was soon time to get ready. All dolled up in no time. We were more elaborated with the makeup this time.

There was a lot of waiting bcos we were so early. We waited for over an hour before it was finally time. 

One picture with Coach Raymond before time for warming up on the ice. With her skates, she is almost as tall as him!
One with mummy too! Look at the pretty stickon tatoo that we just made over the weekend. Hehehe. The color is matchy, matchy with her costume.
She was again a ball of nerves while waiting to hit the ice. I saw the other girls chatting and playing while Lil Shauna was looking all serious, no smiles and no words at all. Lol. She looked solemnly at Coach Raymond when he was speaking to her. So funny.
Daddy Lim and Zaky were also there to support jiejie but were actually more interested in the phone while waiting.
Finally hitting the ice!

She fell during warm up while attempting her spins. Seeing her fall during her program is actually one of my greatest fears. Fortunately it was the warm up and it didnt affect her confident. She looked like she was on form, doing the jumps and spins nicely.

Six minutes went past quickly and she was the 1st on the list for the competition. I was probably 200x more anxious that she was, constantly looking to Daddy Lim for comfort. Lol.

Lil Shauna completed her program right on the dot. She was beautiful on the ice. I was so excited and happy for her when she was done but did feel that it was weird that her routine was different from the usual practice; there was extra steps. Scratch head.

It was after she was off the ice that Coach Raymond said that she forgotten her loop and toe loop jump. Oh no... That would probably impact her score by quite some. A last picture before Coach Raymond headed for dinner while we waited anxiously for the other skaters to do their stuff.
Lil Shauna was so upset with herself for forgetting her routine. It didnt help that the next few skaters were all fantastic with routine more difficult that hers. The score was announced right after each skater was done and she found herself coming in last after the 4th skaters. She was on the verge of tears.

Competition is such a cruel thing bcos we started wishing that the other skaters wouldnt do their program properly. Oopsy. I was really worried that the girl would come in last; it would be devastating for her after all these hard work. I really saw her worked hard for this competition. Other than the missing element, I think that she had been great. She was even quick enough to improvise, added in extra steps when she realised that she had missed out the element and timed the program to end right on the dot. To the general public, one wouldnt be able to tell that something was missing. Her pancake spins were fantastic and her change foot spins were so much better than usual. I have never seen her do her back spin so steadily. It was such a pity.

Lil Shauna was feeling so miserable and asked to go home without seeing the rest of the competitors. She only stayed on when the 6th skater was done and she found herself not taking the last spot. Phew! At that, she agreed to stay on to watch all the other skaters.

Drum roll..... she ended up the 4th out of the 8 skaters with a score of 14.35. Woohoo! The top 3 were in the 17s range. We met Coach Raymond on the way out. He said that the missing element was probably worth about 0.7 marks and would still set her in the 4th place regardless bcos the 3rd was too far top for her to close the gap. He did agree that Lil Shauna had done great, better than what he had expected. I couldnt agree more.

After all the tension, Lil Shauna was finally smiling again and feeling hungry. Luckily we tabaoed what we couldnt finish earlier.
Only then did she relate how anxious she had been while waiting to hit the ice but all anxiousness disappeared the moment she stepped on the ice. She also admitted how much she enjoyed skating alone on the ice and owning the rink. Overall, she enjoyed the experience very much except for the part where she forgot her routine. Haha.

She really did improve. Last year, she participated in Future Star in the interschool competition but is doing Elementary now; one level higher. Let's hope that she can advance to the next level next year.

I spent the rest of the night basking in proud mummy's moments, sending the clip to the SHSS girls' chat and the family chat. I rewatched and rewatched and rewatched the video. I dont think I would ever get sick of the video. Lol. I really think she did well, I have nothing else to ask for. Hehehe.

Mummy Lim

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Ice Skating 128: Last Full Ice

Lil Shauna didnt have class on Saturday morning bcos she had SISA ice on Sunday morning. We headed to the ice for self practice, decked out in full costume. We managed to rescue the new costume; the old one is really a tad too tight. We needed to test it out to make sure that she could skate in the costume during the competition.

Admiring her new costume.
She nicely posed for me before hitting the ice. So ladylike, right?
The practice went fine. The costume was comfortable enough. It was practicing the same elements over and over and over again. She lifted up her leg when landing her jumps and looked great! Then again, it is a different thing when on full ice. Without the full ice, we couldnt do much and left for lunch and library. Hehehe.

Class was 8.15am this morning. Yawnz. This would be the last full ice lesson before her competiton.
The ice was crowded and the skaters were all there to practice their program, probably all in preparation for the interschool competition coming up. By the way, the schedule is out! Lil Shauna's item will be on Wednesday, 7.20pm. She is the 1st on the list and she hated it. Lol. Too bad. She also suddenly realised that the competition is on this coming Wednesday and asked me why I didnt book more full ice lessons for her to practice. Zzzzz.

The skaters had to line up for their program and I saw 2 of Lil Shauna's competitors practicing. I is spy. Bcos there were so many of them, she only got to practice her program with music 2x. I have to say that she has improved a lot since she 1st started practicing for her competition. She had indeed put in hard work. If she keeps up to her standard, I think she wouldnt come in the last place. Hehe. I dont hope for her to win; I just needed her to show what she is capable of, especially after all the hard work so far.

She was totally exhausted by the time she did her program the 2nd time. We had Mac bfast to replenish some of the burnt off calories and she pleaded for taxi home bcos she could no longer walk. Lol.

We headed back to the ice for the afternoon practice. So tired.

Me too. I am still tired from the business trip.

Bcos it was 1/3 ice, we could only practice elements that she wasnt confident in, which means spin and spin and more spin. She was obviously tired from the morning ice. She tried hard and that is all that I asked for.

I am trying to arrange my work schedule so that she could have some ice time and practice before her competition. Let's keep all fingers crossed; I am so anxious for her!

Mummy Lim

Saturday, July 7, 2018

To Batam and Back

It was a short business meeting at Batam - from Wednesday to Friday.

I arrived at the Haborfront Ferry Terminal with only 5 hours of sleep. It was so early that the shopping mall was deserted.
I was even Mac's 1st customer but they didnt do anything special for me leh.

It was a full 2.5 days of meetings.
There were long dinners and plenty of alcohol on both evenings. The stereos were blasting loud music late into the nights. On the 2nd night, I left at 1am to crowds still on the beach.

I brought the sports gear along, hoping to burn some calories. The gym only opens at 8am. Zzzzz. I tried jogging the 1st morning and was pouring sweat bcos it was so humid. Jogging is hard work.

Business trips leave me exhausted. This was slightly better bcos it was short and no flight was involved. Once back, the routine kicks in. While I love to just nauh on the sofa, the numbers on the weighing machine easily scared me onto the treadmill. Too much good food and snacking during the trip!

Double the power with the WWF ride this morning.
Roar! It is payback time.

Mummy Lim

Monday, July 2, 2018

Ice Skating 127: A lot of Skating

It was on 1/3 ice and with the competition around the corner, all Coach Raymond could do was to focus on her weak areas. Lil Shauna understood that she had to work hard and I was glad that she did.

She also willingly stayed on after resurfacing and worked on her spins. We tried to do the program but the 1/3 ice was too crowded when it usually isnt at that time. We soon gave up and headed for the library.

Saturday was a busy ice skating day bcos the SHSS gathering was at the Kallang Ice Rink. Yes, another round of skating. I would love for Lil Shauna to have additional ice time but she has other agendas and wanted to "skate" with the rest. The rest were concentrating on not falling down actually and not really skating. Hehe.
Now that the kids are old enough, we gladly leave them on their own in the rink. The mummies only eye power from the spectator seats except mummy Fang. She nobly sacrifice herself; 1 to 7 kids. Bravo!
Lil Shauna was super helpful, trying to teach the kids how to skate. Unfortunately, her mother kept pestering her to practice. Lol. She complained that the ice was lousy. I told her that lousy ice trains better. Muahahaha. The rink is so much smaller too.

Speaking of which, a mummy approached me when she saw me instructing Lil Shauna on what to do. She has 2 young girls herself who probably took some lessons and were able to do mahawk. She asked me if I am a Coach.... I replied that I am the MOTHER. Hahaha. The main difference is that the Coach trains the charge on the ice; the mummy shouts instruction from the rink side. Muahahaha.

While Lil Shauna did try to work on her spins and jumps, Zaky fell, had a cut on his thigh and gave up midway through the session. It looked bad with the dried blood but wasnt after the cleanup. It was really just a little scratch. Anyhow, he decided that he had enough and was busy snacking for the rest of the session. I think he ate more calories than he burnt. Zzzzzz.

I got a chance to skate too when mummy Fang graciously lent me her rented skates. It had been so long since I hit the ice and skate with Lil Shauna and it actually felt good. The ice was really lousy and so were the boots. I had to ask Lil Shauna to hold my hand when I 1st step onto the ice. Later fall down pai seh. Lol. Now that I experienced for myself, I understood why she couldnt do much on that ice but of course my mummy pride refused to let me admit. Haha.

I probably skate for about 15 mins, helping the kids a little and it was time for ice resurfacing. By then, my feet hurt like shit bcos of the terrible fit that cuts into my ankles. Zzzzz.

On Sunday, we headed back to the ice for extra practices. I had intended for her to wear her new costume for her to get used to it. It looked ok when we tried it the 1st time, maybe a little too big.
Now that we tried it properly, I thought there was a risk that it would indecently exposed Lil Shauna should the costume drooped too much when she moves around. We ended up with the old costume that was seriously too tight. She had afterall grown alot vertically in the last 2 years.

The old costume was uncomfortable but she managed. She rather be uncomfortable than to risk exposing herself or wear a single under the new costume and spoilt the perfect look. I was still hoping to rescue the new one and spent last evening running around, exploring options. This is one of the rescuers.
It seems to work, we just have to try it out on the rink this Saturday.

With just one week+ from the competition, we also started thinking about the hairdo and makeup. I had wanted sticker face glittering face tattoo but couldnt find any. The usual water stick-on tattoo would take too long to remove and it is school day week. Then I remembered one of the past tatoo making Christmas presents.
I didnt offered to open it for the kids the  for fear of nasty glitter dust monster. To my surprise, the kit comes with glitter balls!

They were so much easier to clean up; easily sucked up by the trusty vacuum cleaner. The end product - passed.
While it wouldnt last whole day, it could withstand a couple of hours. We tried it in the rink. It is down to making more of them next weekend.

Lil Shauna practiced hard on her spins and was conscious in lifting up her leg when she landed her jumps during the practice. Then again, she was on 1/3 ice and it would be very different on full. I would be satisfied if she could do like how she practices during the competition.

She only has 1 more full ice lesson on coming Sunday to go. I have a busy week ahead and didnt have time to bring her for extra classes or ice time; Coach Raymond had originally suggested a morning ice this morning. I have tried all the I can. All the rest would depend on the young lady. Fighting!

Mummy Lim