Friday, November 16, 2018

School is Out!

The kids' long awaited day - the last day of the school year! Bcos bedtime has been so conveniently pushed back in the last week of school, we had kids who have problems trying to wake up.

For 3 days in a row, we missed the school bus. Zzzzz.
The kids were looking forward to playing with their friends in the evening with school out. It is a pity that one of the usual gang is shifting out of Centris and they will now be short of one regular playmate.
I had a different goal. Tadah!
I cleared out so many workbooks and worksheets. This pile is the last one. Woohoo! I have earlier thrown out 1 big stack of workbooks and another pile of worksheets. Happy! Happy! The bookshelf looks gratefully at me.

It is a 1.5 month long school holidays and the kids protested violently to attending student care during the holidays. I must think of things to entertain the kids and lure them from constantly hawking at the gadgets.

Outdoor will be good. The kids had been bugging us to bring thsm for "training". Just last Wednesday, we brought the kids to join us for our maiden WWF core training at the JW stadium. We were early and the kids and I went for a little 1.6km run. Real running is so much more tiring than the treadmill.

The core training (I hate core training) started at 8pm.
It is a continuous series of crunches and planking. I just realised how much I hated planking.

The short run + core exercise = pouring sweat. The position where I was, I could perfectly see the stadium clock and how painfully slow the minute hand was moving. Why like that?

I didnt last the entire session. Zaky got tired and bored; my perfect excuse to bring him to buy a drink from the vending machine. By the time we were done, the session has ended. Daddy Lim said that they finished soon after we left. It was a 45 mins instead of the 1 hour that I thought but 45 mins was enough to put me through hell and back. The kids enthusiastically asked to come back the next week. Nooooooooo!

The muscule aches are starting to set in yday. My tummy, my sides, my arms.. I know.. I am weak. The kids barely complained of any muscle aches. Ya, Daddy Lim is not much better than I am. Muahahaha.

See, I got abrasion on both elbows from planking! I hate you!

Mummy Lim

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Results In and School Almost Out!

As per last year, the hamster's carrot was put up for grab. While the targets for the hamster are super stretched, they are achievable. Zaky even made a deal with Daddy Lim - to buy him a real pet dog if the kids achieve 95 for all subjects. Daddy Lim was quick to promise; Lil Shauna just rolled eyes bcos it was mission impossible. At least my hamster targets for the kids were more realistic. Lol. Zaky then went on to make a side deal with me - he would stop his 天下 enrichment if he scores at least 90 for chinese. Deal!

The results came out last week. Lil Shauna did exceptionally well for her SA2. It was a vast improvement from her SA1 results, exceeding expectations for Maths and Science. Her English was on point and she was 1 mark short of her Chinese target but I was already super pleased. She is afterall a kang tang kia.

I had high hopes for Zaky too. He did very well for his P1 and also his P2 SA1. Then again, he had always been inconsistent, depending on how much efforts and concentration he has for the day. In the end, only his Maths met the target, his English wasnt too far off and let's forget about his Chinese. While I didnt expect him to ace in his Chinese, the result was a disgrace. No dog, no hamster and pls continue with your 天下 classes. Zzzzz. In fact, it was so bad that I can see the money that we had thrown into 天下 burning up. Yes, my fumes and blood pressure went up too. Aaarrggghhhh. At least he knew and was guilty (for a very little while) about how bad he had done.

The end of the year is also the time to gan cheong over class allocation. The kids are streamed into different classes based on their results starting from P3. I was super anxious for Zaky. While the Chinese results are always taken separately, I didnt think he did well enough to gaurantee a place in the top 2 classes.

Lil Shauna remained in the top class for the 3rd year in a roll! She was mega pleased with herself and so was I. While her Chinese was ok, she was eventually offered higher Chinese bcos she did so well for the other subjects. She hestitated for a while and eventually decided to try out higher Chinese. I left the choice entirely to her bcos I can only expect that much when it comes to Chinese. Haha. More importantly, a couple of her good friends are staying on in the same class as her. Phew.

Zaky made it into the 2nd top class! While he was slightly (so very slightly) disappointed, he was happily telling me which other BFFs are joining him in the new class. I am so relieved that at least he squeezed into the better class. Double phew.

With the results in and school almost out, I was so eager to start packing their own books and throwing away the accumulated worksheets and books. They are stacked so high on the shelf that I thought I wad playing Jenga. The booklist is also out and I was busy last night texting to see if anybody wanted hand me downs.
This morning, I had mega satisfaction when I threw a whole stack of workbooks into the recycle bin. With just 2 days to school closing, I doubt they do decent work in school and was sure that I could start throwing. I am so thrilled at the thought of ripping worksheets out of the files and into the recycle bins. Hohoho.

Bye books, bye worksheets! I am happy with the end of the school year but strangely for a reason so different from the kids. Lol.

Mummy Lim

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Happy 62th Bday Popo

If Popo had been in the corporate race, she would have officially retired. Hehe. Even then, she couldnt get to retire from the grandkids; they are leeches. Lol.

Once a year on this special occasion, we headed to a vegetarian resturant. While I was not particularly looking forward to vegetarian food, I was quick to remind my brother to look for a decently priced one. Vegetarian food all taste about the same to us and we went to super expensive one last year. After the meal, both our tummies and pockets felt very unsatisfied. Lol.

This year, all thanks to my sil, we found one right at JE.
Zaky was so funny. He protested the moment he heard that we were heading to a vegetarian resturant; he exclaimed that he doesnt eat vegetables! Even when we tried to assure that there are non vegetable options, he was adamant about eating meat. Zzzzz... KFC after vegetarian meal, ok?
In the end, our vegetarian meal was full of fried stuff to appease the kids.
Zaky was just very pleased that there was fried kway teow. That is his current favorite these recent months, saving us the need to go KFC. Haha.

We had a small cake cutting ceremony.
Happy bday Popo!
And after Popo has cut the cake...
The kids were also rushing to "murder" the poor cake.
The Fs came over after dinner on Sunday and it was a fun filled and noisy evening.

The Fs had no school yday. While our kids do, bedtime was pushed back so much bcos it is the last week of school and there probably isnt much real work done in school; they can afford to stone in school. Lol. Lil Shauna said that she cant wait for school to close; the results are out and done and she opined school should just close NOW. Haha.

We had another cake cutting yday, on Popo's actual day. The kids were very proud of their creation, telling me that the icing wording is legible!

Happy bday Popo! Stay healthy!

Mummy Lim

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Ice Skating 142: Growing Up

Lil Shauna's knee is still hurting but she is definitely so much better. She was even on ice last Sunday and joined the off ice training. It had been so long since she last seen her ice skating peers. While she did complain of pain, her knee held through the training and there was a lot of jumping. Yeah!

We are back on ice yday. The warm up jumps were so much better. On ice, she could now do and land all the jumps properly except for flip. Double yeah!

Lil Shauna is definitely growing rapidly.
See this T-shirt? I bought this from Disneyland HKG about 8 years back. I barely worn it, bcos it was a tad too tight. Hoho. The shirt has now found a new owner.

Her skates are getting way too tight, hurting her pinky toes. Her new skates would take a few more weeks to come. Then, there will be new pain trying to run in her new skates. Zzzz... I didnt want to think about it. Coach Raymond suggested to taking out the insole for an extra space for the last few weeks. Interestingly, it works! Lil Shauna says that the soles were a little hard but it was much comfortable than having super tight skates. We just bought ourselves a little more time.
Lil Shauna went through her lesson with no insoles without a hitch.
It was finally jumping week again. Yeah! It wasnt new jumps but to revise and refresh the jumps that have been left untouched for many, many weeks. Lil Shauna survived the class well though she said that the flip jumps did hurt her knee. Nevertheless, she survived. Hehe.

This morning, she told me how much her landing leg thigh muscle was aching. She is definitely using and training the right muscle for landing.

Mummy Lim

Saturday, November 10, 2018


If I have a nickname, I will probably be called a "walking bag of shit". Lol. I have struggled with my constipation problem for as long as my weight problem and both problems seem to have worsen with age. Tsk tsk.

At times, my system gets so clogged up that I needed to turn to medicinal relief. I tried to stay away for fear that one day, that would be the only way that the system would flow. Daddy Lim who had the problem of going to the toilet too frequently is actually my secret envy.

Auntie S had several attempts with detox tea/ enzyme and swear how they helped with the toilet routine. The idea of being about to clear the system on a daily basis - I was sold and had been on a lookout for detox tea.

I read some reviews on boo tea and skipped that when I understood that it was largely natural laxatives. It wasnt cheap too. After looking around, I found the Kinohimitsu Detox Enzyme. It appeared to be a new product and I was unable to find any unpaid reviews on it.
There was an offer and I got a box of 30 sachets for $29.90. The instruction is to take for 6 days straight and then 1 to 2 sachets per week or as and when required.

The detox enzyme comes in a delicious berry flavor; one sachet is to be mixed with 150ml of water. It does leave an unpleasant lingering taste and it probably has to do with some kind of artificial sweetener. I am sure the enzyme has a laxative effect bcos the disclaimer asked users not to take the enzyme too late into the evening as it "takes effect" 2 to 4 hours after consumption.

After taking the enzyme, I was very bloated and farted so much that I can probably blow up a big balloon. Hohoho. The bloatedness and farting effect didnt go away until the urge comes to clear the system. Sometimes, it doesnt totally go away until a long time later. I do not think that it would be a good idea to take the enzyme when there is a social or important event to attend.

Before toilet operation is in progress, a tummy ache sets in and the tummy ache doesnt feel natural but the same kind when I took medical relief to ease constipation.

I managed to stick to the routine for 6 days. In that week, I didnt at all lose any weight but gain even when I managed to go to the toilet every day. Interestingly, I did lose some weight after that and suspected that the enzyme leads to water retention. I was losing water after that.

It had been 2 weeks since I stopped and I still have a lot of the detox enzyme left but not looking forward to starting again... the bloatedness and the farting. Zzzzzz. Auntie S said that it takes some time for the body to get used to the detox. Maybe when I am brave enough.. or when I feel like I want to knock out somebody with my farts.

Mummy Lim

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Party Time!

I saw on fb that Zouk Mambo was taking place on Monday night and sent it to the cheong kakis, wondering who would go clubbing on a Monday night. No need to work meh? Until I was reminded that it was a PH eve. Hohoho. I like PH. Then, it was quickly decided that we too would go clubbing on Monday night. Hehe.

Our clubbing date comes once every few months, sometimes much longer bcos we are old already. Somebody would get itchy feet and throw the invite. The only challenge is to find a good clubbing place bcos we are so out of touch.

It was decided that we would head to Clarke Quay bcos the last few clubbing experiences there worked. I no longer have to wait for the kids to be in bed before making may way to join the girls. We agreed to meet at 10pm for coffee. Haha, I know, another obvious sign of our advancing age. Double shot somemore to keep the eyes from closing. It was nearing bedtime.
Hello, Clarke Quay with the pretty lights.

The girls shared that they had done their rounds and showed me a postcard on club f. I am always cautious of clubs with too young a crowd and this one sounded exactly like one of them. It promises free entry and housepour at $5 per glass until 12.30am. While we totally can afford, seeking bargains is in our blood.

I resisted entry at the door of club f; even the sales/ bouncers looked underage. I relented to explore the club after walking 1 big round in Clarke Quay and found nothing interesting. My 6th sense was totally accurate, the club was littered with what looked like undergraduates. We could possibly be 2x their age. Sob.

We didnt stay long bcos they got dragged out by me. I refused to even stay for the cheap drinks. The girls were accommodating enough and we were back to scouting the quay.

Probably bcos it was a Monday night despite being a PH eve, the Clarke Quay crowd was rather thin. The club that we had visited the last round had closed down. We attempted Pump Room only to find a ghost town. The only crowded (decent crowd in my perspective) place was the Highlander. We hesitated bcos there was a $20 cover charge, only to find out at the door that the cover charge was waived for ladies. Chey. We would have hit it directly if we had known that.

It was one of those DJ alternate with band clubs. The club was small and crowded largely with foreigners and we blend in easily. Sorry, young clubbers are my nemesis. The girls each got a Long Island Tea, claiming that they needed something strong to last them the whole night; it was also bigger than the usual housepour. I followed and my "tea" really lasted a long time bcos I was waiting for the ice to melt to dilute the "tea". Lol.

The music was so-so. Ok, the band was lousy. Many times, they were so out of tune that I only found out what song they were belting at the chorus. S-e-r-i-o-u-s. The DJ segments were shorter than the usual 30 mins and they had like a rapper to help bring up the mood. Hmmm.. I didnt see much effect actually. Lol.

We stayed until 2.30am, right after the band put up a lousy performance and then the DJ had to put on an Indian song. Ok, that was it. It was time to go home anyway. I am not sure about the girls but it wasnt too bad for me. I had ease my dancing feet and with the girls, any place is good. Ok, any place without a baby crowd is good. Haha.
Mummy Lim

Monday, November 5, 2018

Bcos SA2 is Over!

Finally, we are so done with SA2.

I am just as thrilled as the kids bcos there is no more need to force them to study. It had been so painful. Of course it might be a different kind of pain when the results come back. Meanwhile, we are sneaking in the fun.

It was the monthly gathering fun time. The original plan was Gardens by the Bay; sunlight and outdoor is always good for the kids. However, like Popo predicted, it must rain bcos the Indians' New Year is around the corner. There was too much risk and after much research, the kids headed to the trampoline park instead. We also realised how difficult it is to find indoor, cheap and interesting entertainment for the kids; they are stuck in that "too old for indoor playground and too young for teenagers' stuff" phase. Nobody in the right mind dares suggest their home; these kids are plain destructive especially when they are so physically big and strong now.

Zaky had been asking to go to the trampoline park and we have been procrastinating bcos of Lil Shauna's knee. It all fell in together.

It was so much more fun when there is good companion. No knee pain when there is fun. Serious?

Aunty H and Aunty T got to "enjoy" the trampoline jumping bcos of their little girl. Aunty S and I "enthusiastically" enjoyed being spectators. It was hard job trying to jaga the bags and the water bottles. Ha!
With the gang, it was easy to spot that Lil Shauna has shot up again. No wonder we have to buy new skates. Zzzzzz. She is going to catch up with the aunties very soon.

Dinner was at the Saiseriya in Liang Courts. The food was good and we had happy small people. In between meals, Zaky ended up playing with Lollipop and he was her best pal for the night. Daddy Lim said that they were playing baby games and hide and seek; Zaky was very patient and caring towards Lollipop. Can you see the so obvious hiding spot? Lol.
So much so that when they took a break for deserts and Lollipop came calling for Zaky to continue play despite Zaky exclaiming that he was very tired. So funny.

The fun didnt stop there. There was an outdoor carnival outside of Liang courts and we just had to visit.

Bcos of the rain, although it had stopped, the ground was mushy and the crowd was thin. The games were seriously expensive and the kids were allowed 1 game. After much consideration, it was laser tag. Yes, the muddy field didnt stop them.
It was $8 per pax for 3 games of 5 mins each. There was no strategy, no defense, just cheong but the kids just had so much fun just running around. Lol.

That ended the fun filled evening. I bet we are all looking forward to the next Christmas gathering. Yeah, Christmas is coming.

Mummy Lim

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Ice Skating 141: Jumping! Jumping!

Lil Shauna tried jumping on ice last week and she managed baby jumps. Along the week, we tried practicing jumps off ice when time permits. She needed to learn how to bend her knee when she lands, allowing the hamstrings to take the landing impact instead of her poor knee.

It had been 2 months. While the pain still persist, Lil Shauna said that it was much better than weeks ago. I so missed her jumping.

Her warm up jumps went well and there was little or not pain. She tried jumping on ice during practices and there was almost no pain when she landed right. Yeah!

Finally, after like so long, she is finally jumping during lesson. I feel like crying. Is that the end of the tunnel?
While we had been continuing with lessons for the past 2 months, it had been a long plateau due to the knee pain. I think it will take some more time before she can start improving again. Fighting.

She didnt stay extra time after class but was agreeable to go back today. She even wanted to try to go back for off ice! Be prepared for muscle ache. Hohoho.

Mummy Lim

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

While Zaky was Busy...

Like I mentioned, we signed Zaky up for the unarmed combat course with the Singapore TKD Federation (STF). The boy was very enthusiastic and pleaded to go for the course even when it was right smacked in the weekend before SA2. Figuring that there isnt much to prepare for SA2 for a P2, we agreed.

The classes were 3 hours long on both Saturday and Sunday, held at the STF at some ulu ulu place near Whampo. Daddy Lim had the honor to send him for classes and complaint that there was literally nothing in the vicinity.

It was thereby decided that Daddy Lim will continue to nobly suffer alone on Sunday. I have greater plans with Lil Shauna - shopping. I buy most of the kids' clothes and watch them go through different fashion phrases. While Zaky had been faithful about his comfy berms and T-shirts, Lil Shauna has progressed from dresses to skirts to shorts. Demin shorts and T-shirts are her staple now.

My kids are allergic to shopping. Even our overseas trips to land of shopping rarely packed in time for shopping. While they may be interested to do "their" shopping, they are often happy to do without. I have been waiting for a long time for Lil Shauna to grow up and be willing to go shopping with mummy.

The time has come. She had been requesting to wear jeans to church and I had just figured out why - the girls in her Sunday school were mostly in jeans. She happily agreed to go shopping with me after church bcos we were going to buy clothes for her and the other option was to go home and mugged for SA2. The choice was easy.

We all had lunch at Haborfront before we started our "time". The 1st stop was funnily toyrus. It had been ages since we step foot in one and there were a couple of Christmas presents to grab. Lil Shauna happily showed me the "in" toy - some feisty pets.

I got conned into buying her some moj moj surprise.
The excitment!
I am quite sure she has started to realise the bliss of shopping with parents.

We did some real clothes shopping as well and she got a new pair of jeans from H&M. Buying clothes for her had been a chore. She had been in that "too big for children clothes and too small for adult clothes" stage for a while. I was pleased when we realised that an adult size 2 can now fit her.

She needed a lot more training though bcos her legs were aching from the shopping. We decided to stop for an ice cream before heading home. Along the way back to Haborfront, I got myself a pair of sneakers, I had been eyeing for a pair.
Lil Shauna had the honor of wearing them home bcos her heelys were killing her feet. Yesh, we can share shoes now. Haha.

The ice cream treat didnt come free but with a Maths practice paper.
We didnt finish the paper but made good progress and proceeded home.

Zaky had a great time at the course as well and didnt grumble about missing out on shopping. He came home and was eager to show us the sleek moves from breaking free from a back grab to moves that can dislocate one's shoulder. I was just very glad that he isnt strong enough to really dislocate my shoulders. Haha.

Mummy Lim

Monday, October 29, 2018

Grading Test Again?!

When Zaky decided that he wanted to continue with his TKD after attaining his junior black belt (JBB), we were told that it would take a year to get his 1st pom.

To recall, he was given a provisional pass and spent another 3 months practicing before he finally attained his JBB. That was just the last grading test, about 3 months back. After the official pass, he continued with his classes, learning his new pattern and some self defence moves. He loves those, probably felt like some real fighting to him.

We were not expecting any grading tests soon, thinking that the next one would be 1 year away. We were surprised when he was told to take the coming grading test some weeks back. Apparently, these are internal grading tests to make sure that these JBBs are on track before the actual pom grading test.

We signed him up since the Masters think that he was ready. I was appalled when I realised that he didnt know his pattern 2 weeks before his grading test. It wasnt really his fault, he is usually the only (or few) JBB in class; they have dedicated classes for JBB but dont fit our busy weekend schedules. As such, his classes were usually used to practice the patterns for black tips.

Of course we panic and even asked one of the masters to help him with the pattern after class so that I could video and practice at home. Last week, I even reminded him before class to ask the master to help him practice. Yesh, last minute hug the Buddha's leg. We managed to at least "hug some toes" and Zaky was able to remember the pattern. Hehehe.

The grading test took place on Sunday and was different from the usual ones. We reported at 9am and there wasnt any extra practices that the Masters usually put the kids through before the grading tests. Then we realised that he needed his guards, which we didnt bring. Zaky was of course upset but the center was able to loan him some and the storm was calmed. Heng ah.

The boy posed for me.

Before he turned all whinny again about not wanting to take the grading test. My guess is that he wasnt confident. Luckily the Masters soon called for them and he left to join the q for the grading test.

The test took some time. The waiting time was fully utilised for Lil Shauna - preparation for the Chinese paper on Tuesday. Haha.
She was hoping that she could read some books and relaxed. Sorry lor.

Zaky finally exited the exam hall and was visibly upset. He started crying and said that they were required to do some self defence moves which he had not learnt and couldnt do.

Now, that is another story. We had signed him up for the extra unarmed combat classes the same weekend afternoon. On Saturady and Sunday, he spent 3 hours each at the Singapore TKD Federation to learn unarmed combat/ self defence. The Master said that if he passed this course, he wouldnt be tested for unarmed combat during his pom grading test.

This cleared the tears, which called for a hearty bfast since the boy had worked up a great appetite and our tummies were also grumbling after the long wait. Yum, yum.

Mummy Lim