Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Happy 40th Birthday!

Daddy Lim turns 40 yday. The Government has welcomed him into the “Eldershield” insurance scheme. I have no idea how that works but I am sure that he is now classified as an “elderly” in the Government’s eyes. Poor thing, old man already. 

I have foresight and celebrated his bday with him on Sunday evening; there was a big screw up yday. We had a nice dinner, which required us to work hard before we could tuck in. 

We were too hungry and forgotten to take a picture of the hotpot before we attacked them. 

After which, the kids were super eager to decorate his bday cake, much more than wanting to celebrate his bday. LOL. The cake didn't look very well but it was overflowing with the kids’ love…… and cream and icing as well. 
Daddy Lim looking amused as he looked at the kids proudly smeared unrecognizable decorations on the cake. Haha.
There was so much icing and cream on that small little cake. Nevertheless, Happy Bday Pappy!

Part 2 of the celebration was cookie baking! Daddy Lim was happily watching TV as the kids rolled the dough. His only contribution was to sample them after they were freshly baked. These turned out tastier than the last batch. Good, I can reuse the recipe the next time.

We had planned to have a family dinner yday. Daddy Lim was on leave to bring MIL for a doctor visit at 1pm. With some time to spare in the morning, he went for trail before spending the ENTIRE afternoon waiting for the appointment. Apparently the hospital was short of doctors due to Christmas and they didn't get to see the doctor until 5pm in the evening when the appointment was at 1pm. In the end, the kids, Popo and I had a nice udon dinner to celebrate Daddy Lim’s bday without Daddy Lim. Haha. He had char kway teow as his bday dinner with MIL. I told Daddy Lim that the delay was probably bcos they were too nice patients, waiting quietly. The staff must have served the ones that made the most noise first to get those out of the doors – the unspoken universal law.

Happy bday bb. Pls stay healthy alwaya. Love you dip dip.

Mummy Lim  

Monday, December 11, 2017

Vroom Vroom...

Over the weekend, I drove Foxy twice. My maiden drive was largely bcos I was excitedly to test drive her. Then Daddy Lim said that I should drive more and forcefully "encourage" me to drive another time. Haha. I told him that I will write a "car review" after that. Steady lah.
It had been a long time since I last driven Sixty. I never got down to fulfilling one of my 2017 new year resolutions, which is to drive confidently. I guessed it had to start driving frequently and it wasn't something that comes intuitively with Sixty. She was way too big for me, particularly on her sides. It took me a long time to finally feel confident that I am driving her in the middle of the lane without having to glance nervously and constantly at the side mirrors.

Foxy is very different. For the very 1st, the driver seat can be raised very high and I can suddenly see the whole length of the bonnet. For a long time while driving Sixty, I had been relying on my lousy and not trustworthy sense of estimation. I must be lucky to not bump anything. Being able to see the bonnet also make me realise how long the car is. Maybe Sixty was just as long but now I can see and it took a while to get used to it. 

The steering wheel is soooo light! With Sixty, I get a workout every time I tried to manuveour the car in the carpark. Tell me about parking; it was like steering an elephant into a tiny lot  Zzzzz.. Now, it is so easy! The car turns easily and did I tell you how much I love the back camera in assisting my parking? Not that I can now park professionally, the last few times I had a crooked car in the lot but at least I have less fear of backing into another car/ structure, which was exactly what I did with Sixty in the early days. 

As for the downs, the 1st must be the lower power. I told Daddy Lim that the acceleration is less sensitive and he insisted that it was bcos I wasn't in the right driving mode. Seriously, I didn't feel any difference with a different mode. Maybe I am the insenstive one and not the car. Lol. 

We didn't have an entertainment system in the car now. We explored doing so and eventually decided on tablets instead and sharing Daddy Lim's data plan. Then, the kids seem to live fine and we didn't kick start the tablet plan. Zaky had been the one that is super reliant on the entertainment system and now that he has no distractions, there are a lot more sibling bickering in the car. I hope that it is something that will go away in time or maybe Daddy Lim and I will up our tolerance for their nonsense.

Foxy is definitely less safe. Yday, when we were nearing our destination, itchy finger Zaky actually unlocked his door and opened the door while the car was still moving! He panicked at his deed and so did we. We did stop safely to close the door properly. I am not sure if it is the lack of safety feature or that Zaky is now exploring and touching everything bcos he is too free without distractions. He used to be frozen at the screen whenever we boarded the car.

My last complaint has to do with the boot door. It is opening and closing so very slooooowwwwly. I am fine with the boot space, which is smaller (but ample) bcos the passengers get more leg space. But the boot door is a pain. There are many times where we needed to jump off the car, lugged our stuff from the boot and Daddy Lim drives off. Now, we have to painfully wait for the door to open and close.

Overall, I like Foxy. The pains that I have listed are all small pains that we can live with (ok, maybe not the blickering kids). On the other hand, I found driving Foxy so much more easier. I think that is what matters. Hehe.

Mummy Lim

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Ice Skating 105

Lil Shauna told me that she would try her best before we went to the rink today. I was a little 感动 and I was looking forward to see her back to her on form days.

Shortly after she hit the ice, she complained of pain at the usual blister-prone zones. Zzzzz... We had take out her skates and readjust them. No blisters.

Then, she lost her flip jumps. Double zzzz. Her flip jumps were very much intact last Sunday. Aiyo. We had to readjust her skates again shortly before class bcos there was again pain. She kept me so busy.

It was jump day today and Coach Raymond spent much of the time helping her to "find" her lost flip jumps. By the end of the lesson, she found back somewhat of it. The remaining lesson was spent on her sit spin. We had been stuck at sit spin for so long.

Lil Shauna was pleading not to go back to the ice after ice resurfacing. Hmm... that wasn't what she said before we started. I even got her some nice snacks to help her replenished her energy. Eventually we met midway; she agreed to go back for another 15 mins.

The 15 mins was very much spent on her spins, particularly her sit spins. I had to remind her constantly to not totally "sit" bcos once her knee is locked, it is almost impossible to stand up. By the end of the short session, she still didn't manage to stand up but I thought she was able to hold her sit position longer.

She still hasn't fully gain her form but I could tell that she tried harder today. In the very least, she was willing to practice after her lesson. Fighting.

Mummy Lim

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Goodbye Sixty, Hello Foxy

Our 1st car was a blue Honda Jazz. I remembered that I smashed one of Jazzy's side mirrors. Haha. I don't think my driving skills had improved much since. Daddy Lim was constantly unsatisfied with her performance and modifying her; bigger rim, more horse power... I feel no difference. She become too small when Zaky came along.

Daddy Lim wanted to move on to a continental car and we bought our 1st SUV - VW Tiguan. I had wanted to drive Tiggy for a long time only to be let down by her unreliability. In the 4 years that we had her, she had to be towed on 2 occasions. We had enough of her tantrums and Daddy Lim started car shopping.

That was the time when the COE soared incredibly high. We must be feeling rich and stupid bcos we ended up buying Volvo CX60 that cost us an arm. Daddy Lim sweared that it is one of the safest car brands around. He was right; Sixty was heavy and steady on the road. I do feel very safe. Given that we were one arm short, I kept reminding Daddy Lim that we really had to drive her for 10 years.

While Daddy Lim was spot on Sixty's safety features, he forgot to check how reliable she would be. Zzzz.. Sixty came with a 3-year warranty. Right before the warranty expired, her gear box failed. Phew, thank God bcos the gear box is super expensive. Right after the warranty ended, we needed minor repairs only to realise that continental cars are blood suckers. She leeched us for that minor repair, making us constantly keeping our fingers crossed that she would be healthy.

A while back, she crossed her 4th bday and threw a tantrum. Her engine started shaking noisily at low speed. Sob, why like that? We spent $1.5k on servicing, hoping to eliminate the issue. The noise was softer but came back full scale a week later. Our money flee away.

It wasn't good; we were constantly worried that she would one day gave up and died on the road. My wild imagination imaging her exploding while we were in her. Choi! With the big money that we threw into her COE, it only made sense to cut depreciation losses and changed a car. Daddy Lim is heartless; when it comes to changing new car, he totally shows no longing for the current car. Lol.

We took a few weeks to car shop. I had lost faith in expensive cars; expensive doesn't translated to good. I set the budget and Daddy Lim got to choose whichever car. Ok, I did say that I wanted only SUV. Haha.

After many researches (Daddy Lim only; I don't care) and many test drives, we set our eyes on the Subaru Forester. We are back to reliable and simple Japanese car. It took a while for the car to be delivered. Meanwhile, we prayed for the noisy Sixty to survive for another few weeks.

Finally, after a long wait, Foxy was ready for collection last evening. It was an one-man mission by Daddy Lim bcos I had to be home for a night call.

I reminded Daddy Lim to take picture. Bye Sixty.
Hello Foxy!
This is Foxy in the carpark this morning.
She has a new car smell. Hmmmm...
Her interior.
I drove her away the car park this evening and the steering wheel is so light! By the way, I love the camera for parking. For seasoned driver like Daddy Lim, the camera probably didn't help at all but I found it so good! Woohoo!
I shall blog again when I start driving her properly. Lalalala.

Mummy Lim

Monday, December 4, 2017

Not on Form?

After the frustrating ice skating lesson/ session last Saturday, we were away from the ice for a week. Lil Shauna was given a stern warning to buck up and train harder the next time we hit the ice.

We were finally back on Sunday before off ice. While on the way, I reminded her to put in her best. Ok, I didn't put it so nicely; I told her to not give me any nonsense. Hahaha.

Lil Shauna hit the ice at about 1.30pm and I told her not to get off the ice until the session ends at 2.45pm. Yes, tiger mum in operations.

She started with the warm up and the usual stuff and I did push her a little... Ok, quite some. I basically asked her to do this and then that, and then some more of this, then more of that. Muahahaha. Her performance wasn't the best but at least she didn't dare to refuse and definitely no nonsense.

At the end of the session, I asked her to look at a much older skater who was probably revising her program. The skater was so graceful and on point for every movement. When Lil Shauna exited from the ice, her eyes were teary. She was upset with her own performance; she was into self degrading mood and thinks that she cannot do anything well. Hmmm.. maybe she had been trying hard, unlike what I thought?

My heart immediately soften. Haha. Like I always say, I don't need her to be the champion. Well, I would love it if she is but I think she is not naturally talented. What I would like to see is her putting in efforts. Maybe she is really having an "off form" period?

The afternoon off ice session went well. Coach Raymond said that her axle spins were better! I higjlighted that to her after class. Yday evening, I was also looking at an old video of Lil Shauna practicing for her 1st competition and I realised that she had improved a lot. I must be more encouraging. One comforting point - she was blister free after Sunday's session. Yeah!

Mummy Lim

1st and Probably Last Pump Track Ride

Zaky is so ever eager to go to the pump tracks and had been asking Daddy Lim to bring him every weekend. Just on Saturday morning, while I was taking my bike, I saw the scars to his beautiful bike. *heartache*

His enthusiasm rubbed off Lil Shauna and now that she has a new bike, she wanted to go to the pump tracks too. We haven't got a bike rack and given that we all have huge bicycles now, the car can only fit 2 at most. Daddy Lim bravely decided to bring the 2 kids on his own to the pump tracks. I had to applause him and am secretly happy that the car has no more space to carry me. Hohoho. I am no fan of pump tracks and muddy trails.

The kids bounced off bed on Sunday morning and were all eager to go. The weather didn't look too good; it looked like it had rained in the night. There was no stopping to the kids and they pressed ahead.

My joy of being left alone was indescribable.  I was happily meddling with the phone, thinking to go for my treadmill later in the morning. I was sure that I had a lot of time.

In less than 30 mins, Daddy Lim called to say that they were heading back. Zzz z... the tracks were too wet from last night rain. Arrgghhh...my peaceful and quiet morning! Gone! The kids had multiple falls and Lil Shauna scrapped her elbow. That was when Daddy Lim decided to call it off.

I rushed for the treadmill in record time and managed to do a short 2.5km before they came back for bfast. Lil Shauna was in her self-pity mood and took a while to get out. Well, the kids did enjoy themselves initially.

For the rest of the day, Lil Shauna was constantly reminding me how painful her elbow was and that it would be her last pump track ride for a long time. Lol. It wasn't even a big wound.
She was worried how the wound will sting during bath time. However, when we were home in the evening and their kids were all in the pool, she was more than eager to change and jump in. What pain? Lol.
Daddy Lim and I had to eye power the kids; it was quite dark afterall. While by the poolside, we had a selfie.
We were so surprised to find that phones now have front facing flash. Hohoho. Mountain torture with advance phones but don't know how to use. Haha.

Mummy Lim

Sunday, December 3, 2017

CNL Church Camp 3rd Time

Despite studying in CNL through her kinder years, Lil Shauna has never attended their church camp bcos we were always overseas while the camp was running.

She attended her 1st with Zaky and the 2 younger Fs when she was in P1 and she loves the camp. There were so many of her ex-teachers, old friends and so much energy. I was reminded of the highs in Navteen camps and remembered how we used to thoroughly enjoyed those too. She had asked to go back every year since. Last year, the Fs didn't join them but she was eagered to attend nevertheless. I though the 2nd camp was less interesting for her as compared to the 1st, probably it had to do with the fact that she was older.

The CNL camp was back! The Fs did not attend as they would be flying off the day after the camp ended. Holiday! I want! Despite not having companion, Lil Shauna was enthusiastic and asked to sign up. She had been counting down and couldnt wait to see her ex-teachers. Zaky was much less eager. Why? He said that he didn't want to eat vegetables. Lol. Regardless, I signed them up. Guess what? Zaky jumped out of bed on the 1st day morning and there was no need to nag him; he had totally forgotten about his dislike for vegetables. Haha. He then came back and told us that his teachers nicely helped him to polish off the vegetables that he couldn't stomach. Lol. The kids said that there weren't many familiar faces, especially Lil Shauna who left school 3 years ago.

The kids totally enjoyed the camp. On the 2nd day, they went to the WCP to build sandcastle!

They came home and proudly told us how well they had done and how spectacular their castles were.

As per tradition, the parents were invited on the last day to view the performance that the kids had put together. We arrived slightly late and saw the kids busy grooving away to worship songs.

It was their last chance to earn points for their team and they were yelling and cheering and jumping for their team. Super high.

There was worship and Daddy Lim got dragged up the stage by Zaky to play games on his team's behalf.
Finally, it was the kids' performance. Zaky's team had a song item while Lil Shauna's team put up a skit.

Last but not least, the results were revealed. Previously, the kids' team never had a chance to make it into the top 3 but this time, Lil Shauna's team came in 3rd and Zaky's was 2nd. They were mega excited.

The camp finally came to an end. The kids were busy hugging their favourite ex-teachers and group leaders and bidding goodbyes. They made so many new friends. Lil Shauna in particular had a 7-yo CNL junior who likes her so much and wanted to keep in contact after the camp. Lil Shauna said that they cliqued since the 1st day as she was assigned to partner the girl and took care of her. Zaky kept hugging his group leader. Lol.

The camp master asked the kids to come back again the next year and the kids enthusiastically agreed. Haha. The camp had been so great for the kids and also for us too. Popo had 3 full days of peace. Yday morning, we could go for a ride after after sending the kids to camp. We need more of these camps. Haha.

Mummy Lim

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Little Happy Things

I was on morning leave on Friday for a health screening. The kids were heading to the church camp and I could send them.

Just when we were leaving, I realised that I had lost my passion and ezlink card. As we were taking a bus, I took the spare but seldom used ezlink card, only to realise that it wasn't working. I had to fumble for cash and paid $2 for a 4-bus stop journey bcos I didn't have change. Zzzz.

I was told that the card had expired and I paid for a new one. I was really hoping for a cute card and got this.
Cute right? Suddenly, the morning saga didn't feel that bad.

Some time back, I borrowed from the aunties Harry Potter books for Lil Shauna. I finished the 1st book in a few hours and proceeded to chomp the next 2 books. Ironically, Lil Shauna wasn't interested. While on the way to the health screening, I finished the 3rd book and was really craving for more. Just when I was leaving the medical center, I saw a popped up book stall. How lucky I was! They sold the Harry Potter books in the entire series and only had limited loose copies. Tada! I got my 4th book!
While in Philippines, I hit the treadmill twice out of the 3 mornings and I am so sick of the treadmill. This morning, after sending the kids to the church camp, Daddy Lim and I went for a long overdue ride. Daddy Lim said that I was very well colour coordinated.
Mid way, the connector between the 2 usual PCNs ws closed. We ended up riding all the way to WCP instead. We rode on the road and the ride was so much faster the the last time we attempted WCP on pavement. We had a 2nd bfast (already had one at home before sending the kids) before hitting home via the West Coast Highway.

It was refreshing to take a new route. The only downs are the big lorries and the dust on the road! It was unbelievably dusty and I had sand/ dust in the eye countless times.

Life is good, especially when the holiday is 2 weeks away. Let's count our blessings.

Mummy Lim

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Black Tip!

Last Sunday was the belt presentation ceremony for kids who had passed their grading test. Unfortunately I was flying to Philippines and couldn't attend. I asked Daddy Lim to WhatsApp me the outcome and to send my pictures. 

I am usually confident of Zaky passing his grading test but not this one. This was so much tougher than the rest afterall; he was tested 2 out of the 4 patterns that he memorised. Then, he had a mega tantrum before the test and refused to practice. In addition to the saga, we were told that the tester was extra strict plus Zaky came out from the testing centre and told us that he made 2 mistakes. Win already. 

Good news awaits me when I touched down in Philippines and connected to the airport free WiFi. 


Daddy Lil said that the boy must be lucky bcos one of the masters told him that many kids failed this time. I was mega proud. 

We got him new uniform too. His old one was since he started TKD and that was when he was 4.5 years old. It had gotten very small and very uncomfortable. He was constantly tugging and pulling after every movement. He would again be changing new uniform if he managed to pass his next Junior Black belt grading test. We contemplated squeezing him in his uniform until the next grading test but at the rate that he is growing, the thought was nearly impossible. He had grown so much (fatter) in the last 1 year. Fb reminded me how he was 1 year back. 
See, so skinny! I always thought that he was kit kat turned kit kat chunky. Haha. 

Next grading test in 6 months time.

Mummy Lim

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Business Trip to Philippines

It is another business trip and this time to the Philippines. This is the 1st time that I have set foot in Philippines. I would have considered turning it into a holiday if it is not bcos of Daddy Lim's limited annual leave quota.

I was hoping to fly SQ but it is way too pricy. I ended up with PAL even after exploring many alternatives. My maiden trip with PAL. I didn't have a good impression having heard how many Filipino colleagues commented "Philippine's Always Late". I also read reviews about how their entertainment system sucks. Oh well, I don't have an alternative anyway.

The flight was on Sunday afternoon at about 3pm. I arrived at the check-in counter only to realise that I had totally forgotten about online check-in and the check-in q was very long. The bag drop q was so much shorter. While in the check-in q, I was able to do an online check-in and happily skipped to the much shorter q only to realise that a huge group had came in and was stuck at the bag drop counter. Dispute the short q, it was simply NOT moving. Arrrggghhhh. I couldn't understand why printing boarding passes and dropping bags would take that long.

I was in the NOT moving q for at least 20 to 30 mins. All the time, I was resisting the urge to jump back to the slow moving check-in q. I felt like I could scream at somebody and had a hard time holding that urge before the q finally slowly moved. I hate inefficencies.

Bcos I was stuck so long in the q, there wasn't much time for shopping. I grabbed a purchase for Auntie SR and was off for the gate. By the time I cleared the security, I headed straight to the gate for boarding.
The moment I boarded the plane, I was taken aback by how small the plane was. I felt like I was on a budget airline and there was NO in-flight entertainment system! I thought it was just poor, I didn't expect to have no entertainment system at all! Sob.

The leg space was miserable. I saw some "big" people getting quite squashed up.
I was seated among very friendly Filipinos. The late next to me started a friendly chat, telling me about her company. The aircraft was noisy and I couldn't really hear her. I ended up constantly giving fake friendly smiles and nodded in agreement, hoping that she wouldn't ask me questions bcos I don't know how to answer her.

The take off was about 40 mins delay bcos there was some document that needed to be submitted and then the lanes were busy. Anyway, we made it into the air eventually.
I dozed a little and read a lot bcos there was nothing else to do. Thank God that I brought my Harry Potter book along! I was even more thankful that meals were served. I was hungry and had initially worried that it was really a no frill flight.

There was no choice by the time the food trolley reached me; I was seated right behind probably bcos of the last min check-in. I didn't care bcos I was hungry and eating helps to burn some time.

I was so glad to finally touch down. The friendly Filipinos were making small talks again towards the end of the flight and I was in my introvert self; I don't want to talk. She is indeed very nice. She gave me her namecard and checked that I have transportation when she met me again at the baggage collection and reminded me to call her if I met any problems. Awwwww...

The hotel arranged transfer was already waiting and my room was ready for check-in. Yeah! The best part? The hotel is right next to a huge shopping mall. Hohoho.

Mummy Lim